Greatest Rock Drummers

Given the subject line many names come to mind such as  Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Phil Collins and Carl Palmer but, is Neil Peart the greatest rock drummer of all time?
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Carl Palmer is the only one who could wear Buddy´s boots. Never boring and perfectly fitting the music played, like ELP (rock´s best power trio btw) and his CPB playing ELP music with young brilliant musicians. These lads carry the torch to keep ELP´s and Prog music alive. Huge respect. Thanks to people like Carl Palmer Prog/Art will survive all the mediocre and total crap that´s been produced all over world. Prog will last forever : )
Besides, as seen on YT videos, today his better than in the ELP´s pinnacle, better than ever, and certainly the best of his age.
And certainly the funniest as seen on certain videos. True humor no BS showing off. Pure talent. A true musician and an artist.
Like was Jon Hiseman, 1944 - 2018. Huge respect RIP

Heavy rock:
Lee Kerslake w/ Gary Thain (the best of the all), Bill Ward w/ Geezer Butler, Ted McKenna w/ Chris Glen, Ian Paice w/ Roger Glover 

Pierluigi Calderoni w/ Titiziano Ricci,
John Weathers/ Derek Schulman - rock´s most unsexist rhythm section
ever LOL

But the most underrated ever is:

Albert Bouchard of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT

What about Fito DeLa Parra?
Michael Shrieve + Santana rhythm section

+ audiozen knows that Corky Laing kicked West´s and Pappalardi´s ass but it had to be West with Bruce that could made him exhausted and he loses the race as heard on "Love Is Worth the Blues" (studio album 1972) he just bangs the cymbals furiously without timing it´s almost sheer mess.
Bruce´s most intense, inventive, fast and powerful playing was with these guys. He made them shine and vice versa. Period.

For rock:
Corky Laing - the cowbell master, like B.J. Wilson
Keith Moon
Graeme Edge is real life´s animal :_ )
Animal with Buddy Rich (of course)

Enjoy the music

Carl Palmer is the only one who could wear Buddy´s boots.
Dont think anybody equals Buddy. But a good comparison since Carl used the Buddy Rich method in his drumming.

I find the drumming of Steve Gadd closer to that of Buddy Rich than Carl Palmer's. For pure technical ability, nobody alive is better than Vinnie Colaiuta (Jeff Beck). For a close look at Fito DeLa Parra, watch him in the Woodstock movie. He, like Neil Peart, can't play a shuffle to save his life ;-) .