Greatest Rock Drummers

Given the subject line many names come to mind such as  Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Phil Collins and Carl Palmer but, is Neil Peart the greatest rock drummer of all time?
Forgive me if I post this wrong..

Jethro Tull "Improvisation #9"

I was reminded of it when I heard on the radio the other day.. F...#ig Awesome!
Stewart Copeland

Sting wrote great melodies and lyrics and Andy was a brilliant rhythm and lead guitarist but Copeland is what actually made the Police really interesting vs everything else at the time. I remember hearing Message in a Bottle for the first time and being immediately mesmerized by the drums. This is a rare thing to experience in music. Roxanne is a pop hit that is really a Tango! Crazy ideas that somehow worked. Image if Roxanne had been the Bossa Nova that Sting originally envisioned.

A great innovator
There is never a single "best" in any art form. Both Hendrix and Segovia are great, but they can't be compared to each other. The same is true of painters, composers, writers, etc. It's not a foot race where one will have the best time - these people are going to different finish lines!

But there are some great drummers who haven't been mentioned here:

Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull)
Danny Seraphine (Chicago)
Terry Bozzio (Zappa)
Colaiuta (mentioned already, I know)

And that's just rock. We won't even get into jazz. But the same holds true - there is no single "best" in art. 
Did anyone mention Michael Shrieve? He was just a pup at Woodstock and earned his post as the drummer for Santana because of this performance.....