Greatest rhythm sections

The rhythm section in a jazz, blues or rock band provides the foundation and motive force for the entire ensemble. The truly great ones not only establish the band's sonic signature, they can generate new styles. Which rhythm sections do you think have been the most influential in their respective genres, and, or changed the way you listened to music? Please try to limit your selections to groups and not individual musicians as it the ensemble sound I'd like to get your comments on.
Early Santana
Mark Clarke & Jon Hiseman
Iain Clark + Osibisa´s percussionists on "Look at Yourself", 1971
Mike Rutherford & Phil Collins
Greg Lake & Carl Palmer
Chris Squire & William Bruford
John Wetton & William Bruford
John Wetton & Carl Palmer
Stanley Clarke & Lenny White
Rick Laird & Billy Cobham
Chris Glen & Ted McKenna
Geddy Lee & Neil Peart
Jack Bruce & Corky Laing
Jack Bruce & Simon Phillips
Tiziano Ricci & Pierluigi Calderoni

Any Basie unit featuring Sonny Payne just kills.  Sinatra used to request Payne whenever he played with Basie.  He came up with a distinct version of syncopation and slam that few have been able to duplicate.
Chris Squire and Bill Bruford of Yes.