Greatest of the Greatest Hits on Vinyl

For the most part, “The Best Of - Just About Anyone” LP is a wasteland of poor fidelity. There are some exceptions, though, and I am wondering if folks will offer their suggestions for “Greatest Hits” or “Best of” LP’s where the recording quality of the music meets or exceeds the original LP’s on which the singles are found. Any genre, but please, vinyl only.

Here is a couple from my experience, just to get the ball rolling:

America - “History: America’s Greatest Hits”: Warner Bros. K 56169 (1975)

Dave Mason - “The Best of Dave Mason”: Blue Thumb BTS6013 (1974)
There is a good Steely Dan out there, also the new Neil Yound due any day, should be good.
Yes, Steely Dan, "Gold".
Unfortunately there are far too many bands from which only a "greatest hits' collection is worth owning.
Beside the point, Nrchy, but true. Sorry you couldn't think of one good one to mention, anyway....

I personally don't think the Steely Dan "greatests" fit the category I seek. While they are nice collections of superlative songs, I do not think that the sonics of the recordings on the "greatests" equals or surpasses the originals by any stretch. I do feel qualified on Steely Dan (at least in my own opinion) since they are one of my all-time favorites and I have heard nearly every pressing of every LP. Speaking of which, there is a Kamakiriad by Fagen at auction on the 'Gon right now! wink, wink
Hmmm, I donno. "Gold" was mastered by Bob Ludwig, I believe, so the credentials are there. I think that it is in the hunt. Let me forward the Steve Hoffman mastered best of records on DCC, which you may find to be more convincing examples. "Elvis 24K Hits" is a mind blower. "The Eagles Greatest Hits" LPZ-2051" is one of the best on record. The Steve Miller is nice, but I have no frame of reference for that one. "The Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits" exclipses the originals by a really wide margin. Though who would really care? I have not heard his mastering of "The Cars Greatest Hits" or The Nat King Cole 2 lp set. Though I have no interest in the former and would kill for the latter.
Can you forward me the Elvis 24K and Eagles sides instead? Ha! :-)

Naw, I don't mean to quibble with respect to "Gold", it is a fine LP. The only ones on it I find better than the originals, though, are the "Katy Lied" tracks and all of us Dan fans know about those.
Oh Crap! I almost forgot, the most common of the DCC greatest hits LPs is a stone winner. "The Best of Linda Ronstadt" I must admit that the Nautilus half-speed from long ago is better, though not a greatest hits, and with different songs.
4yanx I was trying to think of some good 'greatest hits' CDs/LPs/8-tracks but I wasn't near my system and could not come up with anything off the top of my empty head. So I went and checked. I found a few:
1) twenty years of Jethro Tull - lots of gems hidden away
2) Elton John - To be continued... 4 CD set
3) Cat Stevens Greatest Hits
4) Michael Card 'Joy in the Journey'
Dunno if this qualifies since I think it more of a compilation. Did these guys even have hits? I've never heard them on the radio or seen them on TV except PBS. Still dunno but Asleep At The Wheel's "Texas Gold" is great.