Greatest Children musicians of all times

My choice would be on

1. Beka Gochiashvili, piano, keyboards young jazz artist -- Republic of Georgia known early professional performances since 10 years old
2. Gadi Lehavi, piano jazz artist -- Israel -- known professional performances since 12 years old
3. Bireli Lagrene(born in 1966), guitar jazz artist -- France -- known early professional performances since 14 years old.

These are greatest jazz maestros. Please tube, enjoy and share more!
Raffi is awesome as are The Wiggles. For the older set, Danny Kaye was awesome.
Michael Jackson?
Stevie Wonder maybe one.
Franz Schubert, Felix Mendehlson, Frederic Chopin. I think Yo-Yo Ma probably qualifies. Definitely Stevie Wonder. And for great child pop performer, Sammy Davis Jr. Good call on Birelli Lagrene, btw.
Just read the new Jerry Lee Lewis bio, and it's remarkable that Jerry Lee, Jerry Falwell, and Mickey Gilley all came from the same small Louisiana town, at the same time, were all gifted piano players, and Jerry Lee could easily be called a prodigy...and Elvis lived down the road.
HUH? , you could all their talent together, 10x it and you'd be at about 5% of a Murray Perhia, Horace Silver or Martha Argerich.
Just don't post The Cowsills!!!"
Shirley temple and lets not forget that great child crooner Alfalfa. "learn to croon if you want to meet all the girls bababbababbooooooooooobobo"..
What? No Cowsills! OK...Partridge Family, then?
Good one on Alfalfa, Schipo.
Britney Spears? Just a guess.
Yep, Maestro Britney Spears I guess sounds superb!
Annette Funicello?
Sarah Chang played with the Boulder Phil. when she was 7 and NY Phil. when she was 8. Paco de Lucia was given a special award for accompanying at a flamenco competition when he was 12 because he was too young to compete as a soloist.

And check out 10-year-old phenom Brenda Lee:
Just don't post the cowsills!!!" Azjake
Oh and Herman Hermits too! YAK!
is it possible to be a truly GREAT child musician? Very good, way better than others perhaps, but great? Greatness usually requires some time to gel.
Can't leave Arthur Rubenstein off this list!
I agree with Sarah Chang. No other musician(I know of) has her resume of work while being under 18.
Lots of names to consider in this Wikipedia article.

-- Al
As far as most world class classical concert pianists are concerned, most of them were probably prodogies and most started playing 5 years old or younger, Argerich, Perahia, Serkin, Rubinstein, Hofman, Kissin, Lang Lang are examples. A few started serious study later (Richter for one even though he played from a young age) and to me THESE are the one's that are true prodigies, a difficult instrument to start late on and become a world class musician.

How about Red Garland, started playing at 17 years old.
Nice one with NDR big band driven now by my one of the favorite drummers and big band conductors Wolfgang Hafner!
Thats what I'm talking about Czar, I've heard the NDR band and they are bad to the bone !
Agreed....listen to NDR Big Band with Trilok Gurtu on the album "21 Spices". NDR is most definitely badass and bad to the bone!!! Kind of off thread I supposed but that entire band is full of monster talented players!!!
Have any of you heard Jackie Evancho sing? See her on youtube. Amazing.