Greatest Audiogon Audiophiles ever and the GOAT

Who are the best audiophiles on Agon ever?

And who’s the GOAT?

The guys who’s every post you were excited the most to read when you happened upon them, or those whose every post you actively sought out to educate yourself and/or be enthralled by for whatever reason you fancied.

Folks who impressed you the most with their primacy of audio acumen, know-how and nous; the depth and/or breadth of their skillsets; the sophistication and ease of their explicatory skill; and perhaps even how much of a role model you perceive them to be, in terms of their professionalism, everyman like nature or character.

Regardless of my indicative and definitional posturings, the criteria are obviously discretionary, subjective and whatever you deem them to be - just as they are in every other GOAT discussion in any other province.

Now go ahead and proffer your greats to this grand forum, both for posterity, and so that current forum members can benefit from your wisdom and empirical experience. Self nominations are obviously allowed, but discouraged, since I think we can all agree that they would constitute poor form and/or evidence of narcissism, which to some may just be inherently disqualifying.

And pray do expound on your nominations, offering the weight of your personal experiences and other explanatory factors to back up your musings.

PS: To state the obvious (again), Audiogon is the only domain in scope for this discussion.