Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time

I have run into several advertisements saying that Aerosmith was the greatest American R&R band. I have thought about this claim and asked around and realize it is not an easy choice. So many of the great rock bands are not American..i.e. Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rush, etc.

But before going further, who should/should not be considered?

 I think “band” means not Elvis, Elton John, etc or other single acts, that is another thread. However I would count Ted Nugent since he really is a band but with his name as a title…same with Hendrix, since he usually played with a band.
 They need to write at least most of there own music (another thing that would preclude Elvis).
 “Rock” any thing from the 50s up to alternative (which I consider a derivative of rock). This would include pop rock, so the Monkey’s might be considered (if they were American).
 Heavy metal would be ok.
 they should sustain their appeal over a period of time even if they weren’t able to produce a lot of music…i.e. Buddy Hollie, Hendrix

Anyway, there is no perfect guide so if you have other ideas, no problem. But here are a few of the undisputed best…..(that is bait)

 Amerosmith
 Kiss
 Alice Cooper
 Ted Nugent
….hey, I don’t know, I really would have a hard time putting any of these in a top 10 list of all time worldwide so I need some help,

Who are the greatest American Rock Bands of All Time???????????? Who is THE Greatest of all time
Sometimes I wish I was . . .
But then you wouldn't get to see those great "American" bands as much...
You mean like Supertramp?
No, I said "great"....
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