Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time

I have run into several advertisements saying that Aerosmith was the greatest American R&R band. I have thought about this claim and asked around and realize it is not an easy choice. So many of the great rock bands are not American..i.e. Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rush, etc.

But before going further, who should/should not be considered?

 I think “band” means not Elvis, Elton John, etc or other single acts, that is another thread. However I would count Ted Nugent since he really is a band but with his name as a title…same with Hendrix, since he usually played with a band.
 They need to write at least most of there own music (another thing that would preclude Elvis).
 “Rock” any thing from the 50s up to alternative (which I consider a derivative of rock). This would include pop rock, so the Monkey’s might be considered (if they were American).
 Heavy metal would be ok.
 they should sustain their appeal over a period of time even if they weren’t able to produce a lot of music…i.e. Buddy Hollie, Hendrix

Anyway, there is no perfect guide so if you have other ideas, no problem. But here are a few of the undisputed best…..(that is bait)

 Amerosmith
 Kiss
 Alice Cooper
 Ted Nugent
….hey, I don’t know, I really would have a hard time putting any of these in a top 10 list of all time worldwide so I need some help,

Who are the greatest American Rock Bands of All Time???????????? Who is THE Greatest of all time
I think I would agree that the Doors were fantastic. Jim Morrison is only one piece of the band- man were they tight. I have all the DCC CD's they did of the Doors and can't wait to hear them on vinyl.

Although some would not agree, people will look very hard at Alice in Chains in 10 years, much like Queen who were very ahead of their time. Staind will probably become the band of the early 2000's.

Interesting the best bands Rolling Stones, Beatles, etc came out of Britain.

Aerosmith is very hot now, but there was a time when they weren't cool.
Did anyone mention the Monkees? Oh yeah, someone did. When I look at this list of choices I just gotta say...folks there is no denying we are living in "The Age of Mediocrity"...that is the music over the past 40-50 years. I mean come on, one hit wonders like...? Mark and the Mysterians making the list of Greatest AMERICAN Rock and Role Bands? 96 tears...hiccup.

I know its fun but the American Rock scene, up till now, will be remembered (forgotten, mostly) for so few choices that could even remotely be deemed "GREAT". Don't shoot me I'm just a silly messenger of the tongue in cheek truth. I don't put myself above it all, I was at Woodstock for crying out loud but great music speaks to the ages and American Rock music speaks to the here and now. Mick Jagger sums it up best and I whole heartedly agree..."I know, its only Rock & Roll but I LIKE it".

Now that I got that out of my system, my FAVORITES are:

The Doors (Jim Morrison epitomizes the essence of the Rock Star, gifted, handsome, charismatic and an early death. He set the standard for the Rock star that has never been matched since, a 20th Century American pop icon)
The Beach Boys
Poco (before Ritchie Furay left)
The Greatful Dead
The Band
The Association (Yeah they're dated, just love the harmonies in "Along Comes Mary" and others)
The Everly Brothers
Buffalo Springfield
Prince (early stuff)

There is no validity to my choices other than I LIKE THEM. I'll leave the Greatest list to the critics, God knows there's enough of them without me jumping on the bandwagon. Gotta add a little flavor, how about some Vanilla Ice or maybe Vanilla Fudge, or some Rasberries? Oh someone already mentioned them. How about a little Cream on them Raspberries, nah put a little sugar on it honey. Yeah, what about the Archies, biggest hit of 1969 and nobody mentions them.