Great XLR for $300 or less used

Need a temporary cable to hold me over until I find a new preamp, amp, and cable to go between. Now have SS amp into SS pre.

Looking for detailed, yet not thin sounding cable. Any recommendations?
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference MkII.
Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway MkIII

On the cheaper side, don't laugh, but the BlueJeans XLR interconnects are really, really good. 30 days return too, so you can even send them back when you're done!
How about making your own from Mogami 2534 wire and Neutrik connectors.

I bought 80 feet of Mogami and four Neutrik connectors for $80 from
Get an Audio Metallurgy GA-0, often sold new on auction here on Audiogon. You should be able to win one for less than $300. In my experience this cable is hard to beat.