Great used amps for D2V ar Denon AVP

Obviously, the Anthem amps are great. What other amps should I look at and how do they stack up? Thanks
Pinto 72
Budget and desire? 2channel,5 channel, 7 channel, seperate 2 channel and 5 channel?????????????
If you can live without HDMI, go out and find yourself a clean used Yamaha DSP A1 integrated amplifier/processor. This former flagship unit is among the best that Yamaha has ever produced and you can buy them for a song compared to comprable new units.
I am looking for seven channels at about 4 to 7 K. Hdmi is on the list. I am trying to do this once and be semi future proof
Thanks Pinto 72
The Denon amp gets pretty good press to mate with the Denon preamp. McIntosh amps are always a good choice, a MC205 or 207 would be a great choice. There are tons of good ones out there. The P5 and P2 would be a great combo.