Great tweak for room corner treatment

I was in Home Depot looking for some type of fiberboard to treat the top corners in my room. After trying to figure out how to form the board into some type of triangle while making it look good, I finally threw my hands up and went to the garden dept to pick up something else. To make a long story short, I came home with two 9" wire hanging plant holders lined with the thick coconut hair pads and two chinese ivy plants. They are now hanging in the corners of my room and are working wonderfully. They look great too!
A further tweak would be to vary the amount of water you sprinkle onto the plant soil to keep the ivy alive, or to substitute another plant species.
Actually, an interesting idea. In which two corners did you hang the plant holders? And, how would you describe the improvement in your sound reproduction?
Ive had problems with certain frequencies resonating in my listening room and have been told to treat the top corners of the room of which I have two. On one end of the room, which is in the listening area I have treated the top corners. I just hanged the plants from the ceiling with about a 6 or 7" clearence from the walls. The other end of the room actually extends into the kitchen which is out of the listening area so there are no corners to treat. I can just unhook the holders every few days and water them and let them drain and hang them back up. Its really going to look good when they take off and start growing. As far as improvment in sound, they are diffusing some of that resonating that I described and because of that, I hear more of the music. They didnt take it away 100%, but the improvment was significant. Actually, I think they're working just as good as any commercial corner treatment would. My speakers however need a lot of room treatment. (Dunlavy) Something for the ceiling would probably finish the job.