Great Sub for NHT Classic Threes?

Hello, I've got a nifty bedroom system consisting of a Creek 5350 SE Integrated and a new pair of NHT Classic Threes that I'm just crazy about. I'd like to add a subwoofer to the system but don't know much about subs or how to hook them into a system. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. I'd like to keep the total cost of a sub and required cables under $1000 if that's possible? The room is 10 x 18 feet.

Add about $250 and I'd recommend the Velodyne DD-12 which you can find on AG used and in good shape and/or with very little use.
Your Creek integrated amp has both preamp outs and main amp in jacks, so I suggest you look for a sub that has a built in high pass filter so the Classic 3s don't have to do bass. In this configuration you'd run a pair of ICs from the preamp amp out jacks to the sub's inputs and a pair of ICs from the sub's outputs to the main amp in jacks.

The SVS SB12-Plus is such a sub; sealed cabinet which should go well with the NHT's sealed cabinets; $700. I use this sub in my office system.

I like the cabling from Blue Jeans Cable. I prefer the Belden 1505F cable due to its flexibility.

BTW, you have a very nice system -- great choices in my book.
does not nht make a sub? as they are going out of biz i bet u could steal one. i hope that you have a big enough room to really get anything out of a sub. 18 ft. is fine but 10 ft might get boomy. u put a sub in there and u best treat the corners acoustically. they sound like they are nice spkrs from reviews i read.
Good suggestion the NHT S-20 might be a good choice.