great SS amps for the klipsch rf7

I am so far set on the solid state amps just for simplicity and price, but might go tube if they will still play clear. I have used many guitar tube amps and damn they are sweet. I want to feed my 7s with at least 200rms per channel. I like loud at times. Right now using a Denon 2803 at 90rms per channel and it gives up quick and the 7s pick it out and sounds bad. I am looking for a sub 1k amp to get the job done if possible. I am picky on sound quality at all levels. I listen to everything. 7s now can be too harsh and mid bass is not firm. Need more HP. Would prefer a popular line for a good price on used. Looking at Aragon, Rotel, Monster, Etc. Thanks

I would think a used Classe amp would be a great starting point to look for.Great amps,well made and have a touch of warmth that'll work well with the Klipsch...
Rotel amps go quite nicely with Klipsch speakers. I use a rb991 on my Klipsch Epics. 200 watts per side at 8 ohms & 330 watts at 4 ohms. If you find a good deal on the rotel 1090, you will have 380 watts per side. That should be enough juice for your RF7's which I have heard dip below 3 ohms at times. Thats why your reciever can't handle them.
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Hey Viper,

I too am taking my time and researching amps for my new RF7's.
A Juicy Music tube pre-amp and solid state Channel Islands Monoblocks is one way that looks good to me. The softness of the tube pre and the grip on the 2-10" woofers at the same time.

An all in one package integrated for me may still be the Portal 100 watt@ 8 ohms & 200 watt @ 4 ohms. I read the 7's can dip down to about 3 ohms.

There must be a thousand different combinations for these

Good Luck with your search.
You may not need "lotsa-watts" to reach your goal. You will need some current though. Watts are a product of Voltage X Amperage. Try a Parasound HCA-750 or HCA-1000 if you want ear-bleading (but accurate) sound at a reasonable price. The stated "watts" of receivers is often a number reached with less than a full range signal, a difficult impedance, or some other cryptic but legal-and-stated-in-fine-print scientific measurement. I install the Parasound amps in bars that like to "bump" with far less efficent speakers than yours.

Good luck!
The Pass XA series is wonderful.
I auditioned the RF7s recently at a "respectable" level and did not purchase them because they sounded almost identical to the Energys I already own. I'm driving them with an Adcom gfa-5802 300wpc and it is more than sufficient to 110db. The sound is warm and full but slightly rolled off up top, which you may or may not like. Either way, the 5802 is alot of bang for the buck. And in my case, changing speaker cables made a HUGE difference. Good luck. Matt.......