Great Spooky &/or Melancholic Soundtrack/Classical


Spooky/Scary music:
I just bought the soundtrack to Phillip Glass's "Candyman I & II," and have been loving it ever since. Are there any other composer/movie soundtracks you recommend? I prefer those to be in instrumental, but if it has some vocals (such as Candyman I/II), I don't mind.

Melancholic/Soaring Music:
I watched "Possession" and totally fell in love with the score, then I realized it was done Gabriel Yared--who did the score to "English Patient." Do you, ladies and gentlemen, have any others to recommend?
I have Richard Robbin's "The Remains of the Day," which is wonderful too. I bought Jerry Figure's "Sleeping with the Enemy" just for its core theme track. "Dances with Wolves" is also another gem.

Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise.

The movie sound track "Gladiator" is terrific. The mysterious voice is Lisa Gerrard. If you love it, there is a nice collection by the group "Dead Can Dance" on the 4AD label. This represents her earlier work and all of it is absolutely wonderful.

While not spooky, Daniel Lanois brews a dark, strange and hypnotic sound into all of his work. The best example is "Acadia," which is his own album.

You can hear his strong influence on Emmylou Harris album, "Wrecking Ball" and on Bob Dylan, "Time Out of Mind."

I also like Phillip Glass "Liquid Days" with the Roches and Linda Rondstant, it is difficult to describe and certainly will not appeal to everyone. Still might be worth checking out.
2 "melancholy" soundtracks: Things Change & Once Upon a Time in America
A second vote for "Once Upon a Time in America". Not easy to find in either CD or LP but if you have a choice, go for the LP...I have both and the LP is significantly better sounding. Another soundtrack that I like for the mood is from "True Confessions".
Good Luck!
"The Day the Earth Stood Still" on The Fantasy World of Bernard Herrmann is just one of four great soundtracks on this compilation. Also, Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti, Bladerunner by Vangelis and Music for a Darkened Theatre by Danny Elfman. Vangelis' "Voices", while not a soundtrack, is a real tearjerker. Had you enough wine, of course.
The soundtrack for "Nosferatu" (Werner Herzog, 1978 I believe)
done by Popol Vuh should bring some serious laid-back tingles
and chills.
for the narrow genre you describe, you must listen to peter gabriel's "music for the last temptation of christ." i find it difficult yet spellbinding. much like much of phillip glass' works.
One of the first "soundtrack" albums I bought was from the movie "The Hunger" starring Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie - weird vampire flick. This falls into the category of spooky / melancholy / classical- right up your alley.

As Albertporter mentioned above, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance and currently under her own name with long time fellow artist Pieter Bourke produces beautiful instrumentals along with gorgeous vocals that will make you melt.

Film director Michael Mann loves using her in his films. Here's a list:

- 1999 The Insider
- 2000 Gladiator
- 2002 Ali

But if you like more mainstream melancholy / soaring type music check out Mike Figgis. He's a musician / songwriter / film director and does most of the scores for all his movies. Here's a list:

- 1988 Stormy Monday
- 1989 Internal Affairs
- 1991 Liebestraum
- 1995 Leaving Las Vegas
- 1997 One Night Stand
- 1998 Loss of sexual Innocence
- 1999 Miss Julie
- 1999 Time Code

The answer to the question, Score to the film "The English Patient" you must be thinking of the piano piece...if I'm correct you must be thinking of "The Goldberg Variations" BWV 988 by JS Bach Glenn Gould 1981 recording et al.

Let me know what you think Benny.
Spooky??? How about "The Plague" on Decca Head6. Hard to find but very well recorded (vinyl).
Interview with the Vampire. No one's chimed in with that one yet. It's a good listen all the way thru except for the Gun 'n Roses song at the last track. That song totally destroys the mood of the CD, IMHO. Normally I just program all the tracks to play, but delete the last track. Does the trick or me!

There was also some musical recreation of the bombing of Dresden Germany - I think it was called Firestorm or something to that effect. I was quite sad and moving from what I recall. Also, not sure, but Schindler's (sp?) List might have a sound track. It might be melancholy. Not certain.