Great speakers for a small room

I have a second computer based system in a small office that is 10 x 11. Just can't seem to find a speaker that works good in this room. I run a tubed kt88 amp that produces about 60 watts of power per channel. My budget is really $2,000 but for the right speakers could go $4 or even $5,000. Its almost like the 3 bears - big speakers just load the room too much, small speakers sound like computer speakers with no dynamics and detail, I want something just right!
I'm enjoying my ProAc D2's in my small to mid size room (7'H x 12W x 20L) at under 4K.
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Wilson Benesh ARC or Focal Micro BE
Did you try the new Spender SA or Harbeth 7ES-3?
I run Triangle Titus ES in a room much smaller than yours, about 7x8 with a 9.5 ceiling. The Tituses at 90 dB and a 5-inch woofer are just right. In your room you might manage the larger Com├Ęte.

My amp is an Audio Space AS-3i which can run EL34s for a max of 35 wpc or KT66s for about 16wpc. The Tituses work well with both.

Your budget will allow for something really good though, and 60 wpc of KT88 power should drive about anything. How about the North Creek Kitty Kat Revelator? They are made to go right against the wall and they can fill a much larger room than yours.
ProAc 1sc. I run with 60 watt tubes in a small room and the sound is great.
Look here. You will be knocked out, and have a lot of $$ left over:
Ushers will perform well in that space with 60 watts
I would suggest a sealed speaker to avoid bass bloom sometimes associated with a ported speaker in a small room. I would ordinarily suggest Merlin, but I'm notsure that you have sufficient room to meet the manufacturers suggested listening distance. Maybe, the Dali RS3?
You say that this is an office; what furniture is in the room and where will the speakers be placed? Will there be a desk between you and the speakers, for instance?

Also, I am curious - how do you keep a 60W KT88 amp from turning your small room into a toaster oven?
wow a ton of great responses. Seems like a lot of us have small rooms and try and stuff speakers designed for big rooms into our little spaces, or we just live with crappy computer / bookshelf speakers. By overwhelming the room I think off loss of detail, boom for complex music. I sit most of the time at a large desk with speakers on either side of me so like headphones (tried my Zu Druids in this room and with height just like headphones) but also have the option of an off centre leather chair in nearfield.

The KT88s get warm even hot in the summer so mostly don't use them on real hot days but they are also fabulous in this small room from about October to April as a second source of heat! My amp is a Bella Extreme 3205.
some of the speakers I have tried over the last 5 years include Paradigm bookshelves (where I started out), audio note bookshelves, audio note e's, ellis audio 1801s, fostex homebrews, cain and cain abbeys, small maggies, zu druids (my speakers in main system), and most recently inexpensive TweakCity bookshelves. Those Dalis sound wonderful - think I am looking for great detail and dynamics at lower volumes and sealed cabinet makes sense - just very pricey.
The Spender SA and Harbeth's small P3ESR are both sealed cabinets as well. Check them out.
If you have $2K - $4K on speakers for your room, you can probably borrow some from local dealers and test them out yourself. Personally, I probably wouldn't spend that much gelt on speakers in a "compromised" (less than optimal) setup. I think that you have already received some great suggestions above.

If you are planning to use smaller, stand mounted "bookshelf" speakers and place them against or near the walls you will probably want sealed or front--ported units. I enjoy a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42Ws in my office, and would also recommend a used pair of Linn Kans or maybe Triangle Stellas or Cometes.

Another way to go might be Ohm Walsh Micros. They sound very good, if a bit different but they would be a great option if you spend much time in your off center chair.
Why not check out Tyler Acoustics, Epos M12.2 or Amphion Helium 2 to name a few that will sound fantastic and save you a good deal of money!
Totem Sttafs work really nicely in a room that size. They're small so they don't use a lot of space, and bass response in that size room is more than adequate. I think they go for $1500 new.
The Linn Majik 109 speakers were originally designed for smaller Tokyo appartments. They are front ported. They also received a great revew in Stereophile.

Stereophile Review - Linn Majik 109:
Find a demo/used NHT Xd system (there are a couple on Audiogon right now), should be ~$2k or a bit less, and since it includes a power amp you can sell your current one for an even lower net cost.

The sound is, in a word, staggering. Unbelievably transparent, unmatchably accurate, and you'll have (subject to the room) dead-flat response down to 25Hz. Reviews had the Xd pegged as a contender punching well above its original $6k price. At $2k, well, I think it becomes a compelling purchase (and in fact I was so compelled myself :-) ).

If you want a more conventional system, the Dynaudio Focus 140 is very nice indeed and list for $2k new. Honestly though, to my ears at least, the Xd is so good that even something as nice as the Dynaudio doesn't come even remotely close.
Give Louis at Omega a call (203)847-2800. He will set you up right. Most of his speakers sound great with a kt88 amp.
borrowed a new pair of Harbeth P3esr's this afternoon. Have them until Tuesday. Tiny speakers. They only have 30-40 hours on them but what an amazing sound coming out of these little speakers. Tons of detail and bass (but not the booming of bigger speakers); and vocals very smooth. Sealed cabinet may be just what I am looking for.
I listened to the Harbeth 7ES-3's at the dealer the other day. For a smaller room I could live with these speakers. They had a similar texture as my Avalons. They were very musical and they sounded more "analog" than some others with more analytical tweaters such as the Ushers or Focals.
I'm using Linn Majik 109 in my office, which is almost exactly the same size as yours, perhaps 6 inches smaller each way. They are wonderful; supremely tuneful without a hint of excessive brightness. With the front port they are happy being very close to the wall. The double tweeter system and the low crossover to the larger tweeter clearly works superbly - they are especially good with voices and saxophones, but work well across the spectrum. They are most perfect for jazz and acoustic, but can handle large scale orchestral works very well. Rock is their weakest point, but they have better bass output than you might expect (and better than Linn's stats suggest).
I'm running them with an Onix 21s - that's a 50w amp but with plenty of current. My sources are a Naim CD5/flatcap and an LP12 - they do appreciate a good source, so I hope you've got a good DAC.
B&W CM 1 or ACI Sapphires XL Speakers
how about some Zu Essence units. supposed to work well with that much power and fits int he budget.
The Intuitive Design Summit should work very well in a room that size. I heard them in a room slightly larger than yours (maybe 11 by 13) and the sound was amazing. Tight, tuneful bass to the mid 30's; midrange and treble purity that make the word holographic seem inadequate to describe their imaging. They are at the upper limit of what you want to consider spending, but are definitely worth seeking out for an audition. I know they have put an end to the speaker merry-go-round for me. Good luck.
Read your thread about speakers for small rooms in 2009.

We just moved into a townhouse with many smaller rooms, so I am looking for bookshelf speakers like you describe. I am currently using Spendors S3/5's but they do not much base. Would like to find bookshelf speakers which better the S3/5's. BTW, my wife doesn't like big subs sitting aroung.

What did you decide on?