Great speaker/SET amplifier matches....

I know it's possible to marry low-power SET amps w/ some high-sensitivity speaker systems to great effect. For example: I heard a Cabasse/Wavac anchored system that blew me away (Brian's system at Artistic Audio). I'm curious what some of you are using--matches that don't seem that obvious at first glance (listen?) but satisfy for the long haul.
I use aGranite 860.1 with Klipsch RP5's

I also use same amp with Acoustic Research AR-1.
Any SET and the Lamhorn 1.8's. They also sound glorious with OTL's.
Not too strange of match but a Welborne 2A3/Reville w/ a Lowther PM2A/MedII cabinet is a nice listen. If you gotta go the last octave will need some work but a very simple and satisfing system as is.
I use wavelength napoleons with the lamhorn's and rep drivers. Seems to do the job.
I'm running a Fi 2a3 with the Hornshoppe, Horn (single driver fostex). Particularly nice when running 45's in the Fi.

I've owned far more expensive amp/speaker combo's, but this, so far, is my favorite.

Love a listen to those Lamhorn's though.......

Beauhorn speaker with Art Audio PX-25 SET amplifier
Berning MicroZOTL w/ Fostex based transmission line single driver system.
I'm using a Moth s45 SET (2wpc) with Silverline Sonatinas (93db). This is with NO PREAMP (volume control on amp). The s45 is switchable between 45 or 2a3 operation (5wpc) but the lower output of the 45s work out very well, and no I don't listen in a closet, my room is 20x15x9'. My music includes everything but heavy classical, rap. I perfer lower listening levels - 82db - but have reached 94db without compression. Go figure.
Berning Ziegfried with Avantgarde Duos and Silversmith cabling. A match made in heaven.