Great sounding smallish DAC, balanced output, $3K

I need a DAC with a small footprint: standard width okay, but shorter depth (maximum of 11", shorter better). I also would prefer balanced outputs. Price range is up to $3K, new or used. Any suggestions most appreciated.
Bel Canto dac3
There is a Northstar Extremo listed on Audiogon right now for $2500.
PS Audio digital LinkIII.
I maybe selling mine.
You can Email me if interested later.
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I'll second the Benchmark. The Cambridge DacMagic is also very good, though decidedly warmer sounding than the DAC 1. IMHO, in some systems, the Cambridge will be a better choice. It is also a great value at <$500.

dacmagic is giant killer.
thanks all, most appreciated!
Benchmark is way overrated, in my opinion. I would get a Bryston DAC....
The DacMagic is excellent, but with a budget up to $3K, it is certainly not in the league of the Bel Canto DAC3 suggested earlier. As a disclosure, I sell both brands.
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Apogee Mini-Dac is less than $1,000, very small, very versatile, supports high sample rates, had balanced outputs, a good headphone amp, and sounds very good to me.
I just picked up aben Benchmark Dac 1 USB...I would not call it warm, but pretty accurate. The rest of my system was on the warm side,,,It's still breaking in though. Love It so far