Great sounding/recorded albums

I'm tired of all the electronic fake drums and other music I'm hearing on so many albums. 

What are some excellently recorded albums/songs that actually sound like the instruments you're hearing and not a synth?

I am 2 channel only right now and primarily listen through Tidal.
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Thanks for the reminder, Ray. I'm guilty of taking Van for granted, as he has been around for so long. He's one of my favorite singers of his generation, and I already thought so when I saw live him in Them in 1967. I love his duet with Richard Manuel on "4% Pantomime" on The Band's Cahoots album, and Van stole the show at The Last Waltz. He can be rather sullen and anti-social, but so can I ;-) .
Steely Dan's music is always technically perfect, often loved by musos but that's about it. Kind of the opposite to Springsteen which despite often dubious recording quality usually manages to connect on an emotional level.

His current album 'Western Stars' is a career highlight, even by sonic standards.
'Nebraska' is another, a real lo-fi back to basics classic.

As for 'Born to Run', one of the seminal 70s records, nothing will ever remove the endlessly overdubbed 'mud'.
The "Born To Run" mud was created via electronic reverb, intentionally. Bruce said he wanted the album to sound like Roy Orbison as produced by Phil Spector. He failed on both accounts. Ironically, Roy’s Monument label recordings possess incredible sound quality!
+1 on the Bright Mississippi. Forgot I had it!
I would have to throw this one out there even though I am sure it will lead to some head scratching......

Blind Melon S/T.

Just perfect in every way imho, nothing was forward or over bearing, everything was just "right".

A new reference recording for myself.