Great sounding/recorded albums

I'm tired of all the electronic fake drums and other music I'm hearing on so many albums. 

What are some excellently recorded albums/songs that actually sound like the instruments you're hearing and not a synth?

I am 2 channel only right now and primarily listen through Tidal.
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@n80 thanks!  I actually listened to Aja today..

You're right, it is very well produced.  Clear, sounds "real", great separation and all the other goods..  I don't particularly love Steely Dan's music, it does sound good and well recorded.  

One example I can think of that I would call great is Flight of the Cosmic Hippo even though I get tired of ALL that bass after a minute or two.  I love finding deep bass that's NOT in hip hop or rap.

Steely Dan's Aja is hard to beat. Their Two Against Nature might just beat it though. Some have referred to Steely Dan's work as "over produced" but they are mistaking it for "perfectly produced".

I don't particularly love Steely Dan's music, it does sound good and well recorded.  
What?  Steely Dan is my favorite band of all time, so kinda biased here.

Here is the infamous tas Superdisc List:

@mofimadness I need to broaden my flavors to Steely Dan then.  They've just not been on my radar.  They strike me as a bit boring and eh. But many of the things I love now, i had the same opinion of before I gave them a good shot.  It's clear I need to do the same for Steely Dan.
Eric Clapton Unplugged 

Nirvana Unplugged

Alice in Chains Unplugged

Judy Garland: Judy in Love

CASH: American Recordings

Anything Dire Straits

Just about anything Steely Dan

Diana Krall albums (puke)

Elton John's Madman Across the Water

Sam Cooke: Night Beat

@dtximages...there are others that share the same feeling about Steely Dan.  Everyone has a favorite band or group.  Not expecting everyone to love them.

Becker and Fagen were perfectionists.  Not only with their music, but their production and sound quality emphasis's were second to none.