Great sounding/recorded albums

I'm tired of all the electronic fake drums and other music I'm hearing on so many albums. 

What are some excellently recorded albums/songs that actually sound like the instruments you're hearing and not a synth?

I am 2 channel only right now and primarily listen through Tidal.
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If you're hearing a lot of fake electronic drums my guess is not a lot of Davis, Mingus, or even Coltrane playing at your place. So what kind of music are you looking for anyway? 
Ok let me rephrase. 

I'd like stuff that's dynamic and not overly "produced".  Kinda like really good sounding live albums.

Or "big" sounding symphonic albums that don't sound too thin with good bottom end.

Stuff that I can show off my system to friends and they go "wow".
My answer would be a vinyl playback system. Is that part of your rig? I could then provide some good vinyl choices.

btw: One of my favorite live albums for sonics is Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall 1971 (it even sounds pretty good via Tidal ;-))
Mark Knopfler's Tracker. Mostly traditional music, real instruments, well produced. Really shows off a system.

I'm not sure what you mean by "over produced" but if you want to show off your system Steely Dan's Aja is hard to beat. Their Two Against Nature might just beat it though. Some have referred to Steely Dan's work as "over produced" but they are  mistaking it for "perfectly produced".
I have heard that Steely Dan used a drum machine on one of their albums. It was not Aja which features Steve Gadd and the legendary Bernard Purdie. I think Jeff Porcaro played drums on Gaucho.