Great sounding 'newer' Jazz Recording from 2010

A quick note for folks to check out a great sounding traditional jazz record that I think was recorded in 2010. 

It's John Lamb--Duke Ellington's bassist--playing in Toronto.  Album is "Conversations North of the Border".  It's on Tidal.

The album is, of course, recorded live in the studio.  

I drop this note because I usually think my old jazz records from what I call the golden age (50s and early 60s) sound better than newer stuff, as the newer stuff sounds so sterile.  This album sounds great.  The music is above average but maybe not excellent.  The sonics on my system are amazing.  The bass, piano and drums sound so real.  When the drummer hits a symbol it rings and sparkles on and on with stunning decay.
Very nice album, jb.  Thanks for the  recommendation.  The drums and cymbals are well recorded, as are the other instruments.  I like when they capture the sound of  a wooden stick tapping on a cymbal.

I like the classic melodic jazz style.  It's not 'challenging' enough for some people, but I've got enough other challenges to deal with.
thanks JB, I'll give it a listen
Thanks for the heads up just added it to my queue.


Thank You for this post. I will see if this title is on CD.

Happy Listening!

great recommendation!  Listening now and I'm pretty I would not have randomly stumbled on this one.
I’m glad you liked it!  I felt compelled to pass it on because the sonics are extraordinary in today’s modern world of hi fi. 
I almost forgot- some of the chatter before  the songs adds to the picture of the recording. It’s utterly real and shows the room so to speak. 
I think the fact that it was recorded live in the studio is one of the factors that makes it sound good.  On too many recordings the players never actually see each other.  Electronic files are collected and processed into an album.  
I thought that was excellent and its been added to my favorites thanks for the rec jbhiller!
To make a Tidal rec of my own Julian Lage "Love Hurts" a fantastic jazz guitar album well recorded though perhaps not as natural sounding as the Lamb album.
@jond Check out Nels Cline & Julian Lage's "Room". Great album and breathtaking live if you ever get a chance to see them together. Cheers,
Thanks for the rec guys!!!
@sbank cool will do thanks!