great sounding DVD Movies, anyone?

Lots of folks are saying the new Blue Ray HD sound is great. Better still than the previous multi ch DD, DTS, etc., DVDs.

Which DVD movies, or Blue Ray movies that you have seen have the most involvingly imersive sound?

Quality counts of course, though a more representative sound field which corelates to the film is important... not just thunderous bass or explosions.

The genre of the film doesn't matter here. Just your impressions of the recorded audio accompanying the film, multi ch or not is fine too.

We've all seen great flicks.... but great films with great audio are even more special. Exciting and/or involving audio being as noticeable as the video itself, is the ticket here.

Care to share your thoughts on ones you have found to be a cut above?
House of Flying Daggers,Across the Universe-just to add two to the list.
I have a diverse taste in Movies, like I do in music. The following are 3 DVD's that come to mind that have impressed me with music and sound quality:

Mission Impossible-2 The opening rock climbing scene and the Flamenco Dance Scene are exceptional for sound and cinematography. Exceptional sights and sounds for an action movie.

John Carpenter's Vampires-Great music score throughout the movie which I believe was also written and played by John Carpenter. I'm not a horror movie fan in the least, but I like this one.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? I love the music (what can I say, I'm from Kentucky!) and the movie is a hoot!


Keep on the Sunny side... when the Cross fell it was a good effect.

Blackhawk Down was a good sound track with the infighting shots being followed well front to back.

Gladiator, Star Wars IV, the Dark Knight... Pearl Harbor.. Spidey III... all have good to great sound fields follwoing the action on screen quite well.

Any other's come to mind?
3 thoughts exactly. As important as is the audio in movies, finding those which are superlative is rare.
While I liked Spidermab III,I thought II was better,especially when Doc Oct was firing up his machine for the first-time.How about Wallace &Grommett-Curse of.Very interesting effect when the machine got reversed,then smashed.
Pink Floyd in Pompei?
Reubend,will 2nd O Brother,enjoyed it enough to get the soundtrack.The Dark Knight was powerful.My neighbor tought there was thunder,next door.