Great sounding CDs out there...

Hi. Hoping to share some info on well-recorded, great-sounding CDs available. I am a vinyl & digital enthusiast, and I do enjoy well-recorded CDs almost as much as good vinyl. Here are a few of my suggestions. Please pass along others:

Beck: Sea Change
Warner Brothers remasters of Fleetwood Mac & Rumours
Hope Waits
All Alison Krauss releases; especially live
Talking Heads "Special New Edition"; Warner Bros./Sire
Mark Knopfler "One take Radio Sessions";
Mark Knopfler "Sailing to Philidelphia"
MFSL Natalie Merchant "Tiger Lily"
Warren Zevon "Excitible Boy" Rhino remaster
10,000 Maniacs "Unplugged"; Elektra

These are just a few. I would really appreciate other suggestions. Thanks!
Roger Waters; Amused to Death.
Tool; 10,000 days.
Tool; Undertow.
Miles Davis; Kind of Blue.
Dire Straits; On Every Street.
Anything on Mapleshade/Wildchild lable.

Just a few.
Beck, Mutations also sounds great.
Recordings(remaster)/ Porcupine Tree
Labor of Lust(remaster) Nick Lowe
Live in Amsterdam / Counting Crows
Here are a few that should need little introduction:

Jazz at the Pawnshop

Wish You Were Here


Pet Sounds

Brothers in Arms


If you are a base fan, The Melvins.

B-52's - Cosmic Thing

Santana - Borboletta

Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

Tenderloin - Let It Leak

Throttlerod - Hell and High Water

Helmet - Meantime

Blue Rodeo - Lost Together
Lyle Lovett - Joshua Judges Ruth
Laurie Anderson - Life On A String
Annie DiFranco - Up Up Up Up Up
XTC - Apple Venus
A Nod To Bob, An Artists' Tribute To Bob Dylan On His 60th Birthday - This is a compliation cd on the Red House Records label.
Couple more:
All original label and release (no 'remasters' needed)
* Supertramp - Crime of the Century
* Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls
* Joe Jackson - Body and Soul
* Roxy Music - Avalon
* Larry Carlton - Collections
* Jeff Lorber - Flip Side
Aqualung? Seriously? Great album, a true classic, but a abysmal recording even on first pressing vinyl. I have purchased this album on digital disc three different times and even the latest version culled from the long lost,but suddenly found, first generation master tape sounds brutal. Flat, compressed, dry, harsh, congested. Sometimes first generation master or not, some recordings, especially mutli-tracked rock recordings, are just plain bad.
The Other Ones "The Strange Remain" is an exceptionally good-sounding recording, especially since it was done live. This one is an HDCD disc, as are all of the Grateful Dead albums.

For that matter, GD's "American Beauty" and "Terrapin Station" are fantastic recordings...

Robinella, "Solace for the Lonely"

Valerie Joyce, "New York Blue"

Medeski, Martin, & Wood, "Tonic"

Crooked Still, "Live"

Cowboy Junkies, "Acoustic Junk"

With Timrhu on Lyle Lovett and (to my surprise) Ani DiFranco -- both make good recordings.

"Wouldn't it be nice" a Jazz Portrait of Brian Wilson
"Words of a Mountain" by Wally Badarou
"All My Tomorrows" Grover Washington
"Keys to Life" Ben Tankard
"The Charmer" Charles Fambrough

I could go on but it's honey dew time!!!!

I have to disagree. I thinks it's a good sounding recording. No it's not "Jazz at the Pawnshop" but for a rock recording from that era I find it better than most.
I have to agree with Rcrerar,
Every Agualung I have heard is a poor sounding IMO. Ian Anderson has confirmed as much in interviews.
Most of Tull is better but none are "great sounding".
I don't have a lot of Jethro Tull, maybe 5 or 6 cds, but the best sounding of them is Minstrel In The Gallery, IMO.
Jennifer Warnes "The Well"!!!

Nickle Creek "Nickle Creek"

Nora Jones "Come Away With Me"
Most ECM stuff is just wonderfully recorded. Three examples that come to mind:

Charles Lloyd - Mirror (his latest)
Bennie Maupin - Jewel in the Lotus (from the 70's - WOW!)
Ralph Towner - Solstice (The LP is worth seeking out too)