Great song to test bass

Try this song 
"BASS Drops" by Nenad Vasilic from album Bass Room.
Great for testing bass and imaging
Actual Gavrilo's principles is good too
Jim Smith book I'm reading (Get Better Sound) cautions against setting up the bass with too much of a focus on bass. There's a danger of not attending sufficiently to soundstage and voice. His book is better on this, but here's a bit of his thinking:
Boomer favorites:
Little Feat; 'Long Distance Love', Last Record Album
Hendrix: 'Hey Baby', Rainbow Bridge
Mahavishnu Orch: 'Vision is a Naked Sword', Apocalypse
Loggins and Messina; 'Pathway to Glory', Full Sail
Stravinsky; 'Le Sacre du Printemps' Valery Gergiev cond., Kirov Ballet Orch.
Band: Newmusic
Album : Churches

How low can you go with out physically vibrating…🇦🇺