Great Small Speakers w/ high WAF?

I'm looking for some great small speakers with a high Wife Accpetance Factor. I have ProAc 1.5's now and frankly they are not bad looking but the spouse is looking for something smaller still. Any experience out there with Gallo Due's, KEF 101, LS3/5a?

Gotta be small and moutable near a wall.

Hard to beat Totem for looks and performance. Beautiful wood veneers, and to my ears the best sounding speaker I've heard for the price. Hop on their website and take a look, the Totem Rokk may just what you're looking for (~$500). Jeff
My wife misses the Totem 1s I had and they sound great if you have the right amp. Can be used fairly close to the wall.
Phil, take a listen to the Vienna Acoustic Haydn's. I'm sure she won't complain about the Rosewood finish.
If your budget is around 2K, try the Totem Mani-2. They can
be bought second hand thru audiogon in that price range. I replaced a pair of Linn AV-5140, which is also a beautiful
speaker, with the Mani-2. My girlfriend likes the Mani-2 mahogany fininsh and small size, I just love the sound, the bass is incredible.
In the looks department I would look at the B&W 805 Nautilus or the Sonus Faber speakers. I prefer the sound of the latter but the looks of either are impressive.
reference 3a decapos.. will be available in a couple of months in different wood veneers.Righteous sound at livable cost.
..... same ProAC sound as the 1.5's that you have.

I am very surprised that no one mentionned the undisputed champion in the category. It's really a no-brainer when you consider the sound, build quality and sexy looks that is a departure from all the still-good-looking-but still-a -square box speakers mentionned above...and the winnier is...

Any of the Sonus Faber Speakers, and especially in the walnut finish. Exquisite Italian styling and cabinetry, honest sound. Game over.
Try the Usher x-719's w/wood side panels and high gloss piano black finish or matte black top. Also the all wood RW-729's cabinet construct in birch is spectacular as well.

And if you think the speakers are gorgeous, wait till she sees the stands they rest on!


PS They sound terrific too!!
Sonus Fabers were the only speakers I could get past the decorator and purchasing (wife). You can usually find the matching (iron and walnut side strips) fixed height stands on here for $200ish. Small enough to not stand out too much, but make very nice sound with good equipment. They don't appear to be as large as they actually are. I guess the trapezoid profile and sculpted sides helps hide the size a bit. We shopped for the Concertinos, but after listening decided on the Concertos which are a shade larger.
Look at the Egglestonworks Isabels with matching stands.
I used to own Sonus Faber Concertinos. Mine were in walnut, and with the front-to-top-to-back-to-bottom leather wrap they look way more expensive than $1000. Beautiful, classy and sexy.
Concertinos win this prize!
sorry, got to laugh at the reference 3a decapos... even in wood... design is not their strongest suit
Soliloquy 5.0 with stands!
The Gallos really do sound very good and have decent WAF.
in walls!! *runs and hides*
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the ProAc Tablette series, especially since you've got ProAc now and seem satisfied with them. The Tablette 8 is a truly tiny speaker that looks pretty good and delivers amazing sound, even into the bass region. My reaction to hearing them was "that's impossible, there *has* to be a sub working too..." but there wasn't!

I haven't heard the Sonus Fabers, but they were sitting right next to the Tablette 8's at my favorite dealer, and the others are right, they are beautiful.
Phil, the LS3/5a sized speakers like the Harbeth HL-P3ES or the little Spendor in a nice wood finish should do. My wife was not happy when I sold my last pair of rosewood P3's, and the buyer's wife was ecstatic.

Only problem is, you have to find 28 inch high speaker stands that your wife will like.
I own both the ProAc Tablette 50 Sigs in ebony and Response 1SCs in rosewood, and I think my departed Concertinos looked much classier than either. I think the Spendors and Harbeths have that nice classic look to them, much in the way speakers in 1960's blended well in a living rooms.
My wife's accepted the Rosewood Spendor Sp3/1p, but would have preferred the smaller S3 if it came in Rosewood.
Hate to point out that a lot of the above speakers/w stands are not much of a change in size. I suggested Totem Ones, I would also like to hear the Tablet 8 as well as the new PMC speakers that are "the worlds smallest transmition lines". Evidently PMC is one manufactuter that really makes transmition line bass loading work.