Great Ska music

Can anyone recommend great Ska albums? I have some old stuff from Sublime (40 oz. to freedom). Anything new that might float my boat?
Try the old ska from the bands even before sublime.

The Specials
Bad Manners
The English Beat
The Untouchables

many more but it's been so long
try to find albums/cd's by:

Bim Skala Bim

my recordings are from the early 90's. i don't know if they are still around or still releasing stuff
Russel, the above recommendations are good, but you may want to try the original Jamacian Ska which later influenced the English bands listed above. Early Bob Marley is an excellent place to start. Simmer Down, which you can find on the Bob Marley & the Wailers Trenchdown Days, Birth of a Legend CD, is considered one of the best Ska songs ever written. The Skatalites, which was the house band performing on Simmer Down have several great albums out. If you can find it, pick up Stretching Out, 2 cds worth of live SKA with killer songs such as Latin Goes SKA, Guns of Navarone, Man in the Street, and Big Trombone. Although not quite ska, which is essentially fast reggae, The Best of Desmond Dekker is a wonderful album featuring the song Israelites. For a new band entrenched in the classical roots of Jamacian SKA, try Out of Nowhere by Hepcat. Hope this helps
2nd on "The Specials" and "The English Beat". I remember seeing The English Beat in Rochester NY in 1982, they did not disappoint. Better musicians than most. Does anyone remember seeing The Specials on Saturday Night Live, I think they debuted the summer of 1979?

Px25: you certainly have a knowledge on the subject! I'm really a "Roots Rock Reggae" man myself, not really into Ska for the last 20 yrs. One of the "new guys" I like is Luciano.

Also not mentioned: "Madness"
Xiekitchen...I was gonna mention Madness...but I figured that everybody had heard of them...shows how out of touch I am...good call.
I always loved "Dance Craze" that great concert movie which featured most of the great English ska bands live. Like Madess, English Beat, Bad Manners, etc.

I have the soundtrack on vinyl. Looks like there is an ancient CD release. Wonder if it ever made it to video ?
Early Toasters is pretty good. For "newer" ska, most of the stuff on Moon Ska records is good.

New York Ska Jazz Ensemble and Skandalous All Stars are two other good bands
Hello to all, this is my new vinyl only ska mix, recorded home in January 2021. Comments are welcome

Mixcloud link:

Download link:


Derrick Morgan - Forward March (Beverley's Records ‎– none)
Tommy McCook ‎– Goldfinger (Treasure Isle ‎– none)
Roland Alphonso & Studio One Orch. ‎– From Russia With Love (Studio One ‎– none)
Al & The Vibrators ‎– Money Or Love (Top Deck Records ‎– none)
Baba Brooks Band - Stampede (Treasure Isle ‎– none)
Bob Marley ‎– Judge Not (Beverley's Records ‎– none)
Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites - King Solomon (Soul Jazz Records ‎– SJR LP375)
Techniques - Little Did you Knowv (Techniques ‎– none)
Leon Dinero - Lover Like Me (Daptone Records ‎– 1119)
Bob Marley - Simmer Down (DeAgostini ‎– IGDA 1095 / IGDA 1096)
Prince Buster - High Blood Pressure (Prince Buster ‎– RSPB7-009)
Don Drummond & The Skatalites - Street Corner (Treasure Isle ‎– none)
Prince Buster - Islam (Prince Buster ‎RSPB7-011)
Babba Brooks - Strongman Samson (Music On Vinyl ‎– MOVLP2475)
Alton Ellis - Mouth A Massy (Randy's ‎– RRM 005)
Zodiacs & Baba Brooks Band - Renegade (Treasure Isle ‎– t013)
Skatalites - Man In The Street (Soul Jazz Records ‎– SJR 318-7)