Great SET output and Power transformers

What is one of the best output and power transformer for SET amp like 300B and 2A3? ( I heard that tamura make great transformer) Do any of you know where can I find tamura transformer cheep?
Sorry, that was not what I meant. I meant that the site I gave you was for what some folk consider an excellent transformer but it is not a Tamura transformer. Your post seemed to inquire about very good transformers or Tamura. My only experience w/ Tamura is what i read. Tango, Tamura Lundahl, the new MagneQuest Cobalt. Can't lose with any of them in a good circuit. And as noted above, they ain't cheap - but worth it.

Clueless: Why do you tell me not to use Tamura type transformer? Have you had previous bad experience with that type of transformer?
Electraprint makes great transformers. However, "the best" and "cheap" do not usually go together.
Try for a nice transformer. (Not Tamura)