Great SET output and Power transformers

What is one of the best output and power transformer for SET amp like 300B and 2A3? ( I heard that tamura make great transformer) Do any of you know where can I find tamura transformer cheep?
Try for a nice transformer. (Not Tamura)
Electraprint makes great transformers. However, "the best" and "cheap" do not usually go together.
Clueless: Why do you tell me not to use Tamura type transformer? Have you had previous bad experience with that type of transformer?
Sorry, that was not what I meant. I meant that the site I gave you was for what some folk consider an excellent transformer but it is not a Tamura transformer. Your post seemed to inquire about very good transformers or Tamura. My only experience w/ Tamura is what i read. Tango, Tamura Lundahl, the new MagneQuest Cobalt. Can't lose with any of them in a good circuit. And as noted above, they ain't cheap - but worth it.