Great service from Mark Levinson and Madrigal

In this age of poor service, I would like compliment the folks at Mark Levinson and Madrigal. They work hard to service your equipment and return it to you asap. They answer questions on the phone or by email. This has not always been my experience or my friends' experiences with other audio companies who shall at this time remain unnamed.
Because of the companines commitment to customer service, the high build quality, and superb sonics, I would not hesitate to recommend the purchase of any of their equipment.
You can count me in
It is great to hear things like this! Hats off to Mark Levinson and Madrigal. It is unfortunate however that there are manufacturers, designers and dealers who get big heads after some basking in the limelight. It is only responsible actions such as the high quality customer service at Madrigal that gains the respect of we the buying public. A piece of gear, manufacturer or dealer is worth nothing to me if there is no support after the sale. The reason a manufacturer like Madrigal or a dealer like Galen Carol has been around for so long is that they are truly good people who treat all their customers as human beings, just not an entry in their business ledger. The "get rich quick" bunch just don't get it.
Count me in also - they still service (and upgraded) my relatively ancient 20.6 mono's to this day. The folks at Madrigal Labs continue to offer support and service through my dealer even though he has long since stopped selling Levinson gear.
I agree too Sgr. I've purchased 3 USED Levinson components in the last 2-3 years, and Todd Sutherland, Customer Service Rep. at Madrigal quickly got them registered to me for remaing warranty purposes. I really appreciated that and my hat's off to Madrigal for such service. Cheers. Craig
I'm impressed, that so many agree with the quailty of customer service from Mark Levinson and Madrigal. No one seems to disagree. Thank you all for sharing your experience, you help us all. Bravo, Mark Levinson and Madrigal.
Yes, I've had the same experience. By email or phone for tech help or sending in my amp for repair of a cracked binding post, I have gotten totally courteous fast service with no bs. Also, the little things like very good packaging, excellent manuals, and a great website also help set them apart from other companies.
i'm in the process of getting my transport fixed,& i agree with all above posts,Sarah at madrigal has been great,i have been in audio for 30 years,& never been treated this good,they are wonderfull,hi5harry
Superb service, outstanding build quality, a class act.
I've owned many brands of highend equipment over the
last 30+ years, and I've settled almost exclusively on
Levinson equipment (with the exception of my TacT RCS 2.0).
Resale value on the used market is among the best, a
testimony to the high regard the market places on this
Count me in as well. I am so thoroughly satisfied with Madrigal's product and absolute first-rate service that I can't imagine going anywhere else.
Count me in too. Warranty transfer, technical assistance,equipment recommendations or e-mails each have been answered in a timely manner. I too am a ML granduate and happy for choosing ML equipment & service. I agree finding these qualities now-a-days is rare.
I sent this thread to Todd at Madrigal and here was his response -

" Thanks for sending the info and I'll gladly share it with everyone at Madrigal who works very hard to achieve this level of service.

Todd Sutherland
Madrigal "

Hi all,
I bought a used Proceed CDD from a dear friend of mine, living in USA. As I live in Italy with a different mains 220v/50Hz, would you be so kind to give me some e-mail address, in order to ask how to use this unit in my system?

Thanks a lot,

Here you go:
Get ready to pay $1000 just to have them look under the hood. It's their new customer-friendly policy.