Great Service from Jean-Marie reynaud

I have a pair of Jen-Marie Reynaud Evolution 3 speakers.
I love them for their musicality, presence, emotion.

They are now 4 years old. I live in New Zealand and imported them from Australia. About 2 months ago I noticed one of the speakers was distorting slightly after extended use and in extremely hot weather.
I wrote to the manufacturer who suggested the foam surround might be softening and therefore not maintaining correct alignment. At their suggestion I removed the driver from the speaker cabinet and sent it back to them in France.
They discovered It was slightly decentred and when the temperature was rising the suspension was getting softer and couldn’t maintain the cone in the axis correctly.
They fixed it and returned it really quickly. It is now wonderful again.
I am so happy that a foreign manufacturer can stand behind their product, although the warranty had expired.

Viva la France!
Hey! Finally a good-news report!! Hooray!

Ah those French, I guess they aren't all bad afterall. :)
Unlike Aball, I've found the french to be pretty cool about things like this. So I'm not surprised of their courtesy as gentlemen.
How would the brits react at B&W ,out of warrenty?
Great story, and thank you for reporting it.