Great rock songs

I wanted, originally to add this to another thread (Lyrics), but decided that it just didn't feel right. To get the full meaning of this song, you have to listen to it being sung with the emotion and intensity that the performance provides. This is(in my opinion) one of the true greatest contemporary rock songs. I only wish there was a better recording available, (I listen to the import vinyl).
I'm truly sorry. Radiohead "Fake Plastic Trees". The "senior moments" are frequent these days!
"....and it wears me wears me out...." ;)

Great song! "The Bends" is a wonderful album!

I remember hearing "Come Together" by The Beatles when I was young and thinking to myself...."so this must be rock & roll". To this day that song seems so iconic to me.
Thanks for your reply. Your experience is what the world of rock depends on and is all about!!!
Sorry to keep replying "to myself", but every time I hear this song, I go into a state of "Whow!, then I can't get the tune out of my head for days!
Finish What Ya Started - Van Halen
Interstate Love Song, STP.

Turn on Me,also Phantom Limb, the Shins.

Still Rainin still dreamin, Jimi

and just4thehelluvit: two fat feet, fiery furnaces
I don't know that I'd think of Radiohead as a rock band. More indie or alternative. I guess it has all the elements of a rock band though. I do like 'The Bends' .... Love this line:

He used to do surgery
For girls in the eighties
But gravity always wins

They've done some great songs. I also really like their videos (available as a collection on DVD). There's one in particular that always sticks in my mind as a classic...yet's it's so simple.
"You Broke My Heart,So I Busted Your Jaw" by Spooky Tooth.Such a poignant little ditty!!
The title cut from "The Bends" is my favorite cut on the album. But if you like "Fake Plastic Trees" check the video, it's a good one.
I too am a big Radiohead fan. Another great lyric from Thom Yorke
that we should all heed:

"There's always a siren, singing you to shipwreck."

Love that.
I used to love her - Guns N Roses
"November Rain" - Guns N Roses

"When the Crowds are Gone" - Savatage
Hey You...___________...Together We Stand Divided We Fall!
Brain Damage
Wish You Were Here
Radiohead is the bomb. Obscure: I also like Fugazi's 13 songs (Waiting Room) and Sonic Youth (Daydream Nation). My favorite "rock" songs include Iggy's "Danger" and Midnight Oil's "Earth and Sun and Moon."