Great results with NPS 1260?!

I have been hesitant to use my NPS1260. But today I applied some to the XLRs going into my phono stage. Wow! The improvement in SQ is stunning. Yes, more 3 dimensional, clear imaging, and an overall major increase in “realness”.

What a great product. I never imagined. Have others had this experience?


Time to paste the rest of your system including speaker cable tips and all of the power cords.

@winoguy17 ,

It is "juice/slime" that comes in a small bottle that you put on your electrical, interconnect cable and speaker connection points that increase conductivity and allows for better sound quality. :) 


No just male leads and you don't need much....just the top half of the male connector

After reading all the reviews, I decided to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, it’s sold out everywhere. No way to buy it and now they’re developing a new product, but who knows how long that’s going to take to get to market. Does anyone have some leftover that they’re willing to sell?



@donkaz yes both and it works wonders.  I apply let it settle, respread, settle and dab off excess that accumulates

Thank you for letting me know. May I ask how you have applied it on the fuse?

For the tubes, did you just paint it on the 1/3 of the pins but not at the tips? Kinda like the power cords? Thank you in advance 

On the fuses i cover all of the metal ends.  On tubes covered pins all the way removing excess drips.