Great "set-up" artists?

Hi Goners,

I am looking for someone either professional or hobbyist to "set-up" my renovated Thorens 160s...

Also have new arm [with board] and cartridge i would like set-up and dialed in...

Thanks for any help! I live in Scottsdale, Az near Phoenix.
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Sad that it is nearly impossible to find someone to set up a turntable (commercially) anymore, locally.
They all vanished years ago.
Is Esoteric Audio in Scottsdale not able to help? They say they carry Graham so I assume they would know how to setup a table. I also see on their website that they have moved.

There is also Audio Video Choices in Phoenix who advertises with a big picture of a Rega 'table on his page.

I don't know anything about these guys, just did a quick google search.

In the end it would be to your best interest to learn how to do this yourself if at all possible.

They just moved to Central and Camelback if you are interested in stopping by their shop.