Great Progessive Scan and Great CD Playback?

Several months ago the Toshiba 9200 received excellent reviews from the Home Theater mags for its progressive scan abilities, and also from Stereophile for its excellent handling of CD's. Although the price for it has become quite reasonable (about $700), the assesments by of its progressive scan capabilities no longer put it at the head of the pack. I am looking for a DVD player that really does fabulous progressive scan and doubles as an excellent source for CD playback. Although there are some great candidates out there for video performance (Panasonic RP-91, Kenwood Soverign 5700), the audio source capabilities of these units remain relatively uncommented upon. Any thoughts on these units, or any suggestions on excellent video combined with excellent audio?
There is hardly a dvd player under a grand that will compete with the "good" cd-only players. My opinion is get one of each. --/-- or stay with the dvd/cd player,but you will be missing what the quality cd-only player brings to the table.
I just got a Denon 2800 and so far I'm very pleased with both dvd and cd playback. has some reviews of it (and others)and I think one of the reviewers felt the cd playback was superior to him more expensive cd only player. I'm not that familiar with dvd players myself but after watching two movies on it I have no complaints. I have listened to numerous cd's on it however and I think it is very good in this regard.
The Muse Thalia and 9, the Meridian 596, and the Camelot are good choices...

596 not prog scan but, still has one of the best video around...
I am extremely pleased with the Sony DVP-S9000ES. You can pick it up for around $950 or a little less. Check out the reviews. I was impressed by the video, but when I played a CD, I was astonished. I didn't think a multi-player could sound so good. It also plays SACD's.
Avguygeorge, that simply is not true. The Toshiba 9200 and the Sony 9000 were reviewed extensively by Stereophile magazine for their 2-channel audio, and were shown to be excellent. In fact, the Toshiba compared extremely favorably with CD players in the $2-3000 range. Although I think that audiowise this player is excellent, it has fallen behind the times for progressive scan capabilities with its older implementation of the Genesis chip. I am simply looking for the audio quality of this player with a better progressive scan implementation.

And there is also the Pioneer Elite DV-37. Nice build quality and contruction, smooth transport, decent DACs, (though in time, I may go ahead and improve the DACs in the DV-37 and use the DV-37 as a transport if I don't go ahead and get me a dedicated CD Player and use as such before then. I am thinking very hard about obtaining a used Pioneer Elite PD-65 and then using it with either a Perpetual Technologies P-1A/P-3A or an MSB Nelson Link III. But I am thinking that a MOSTLY unmodified PD-65 will do fine on its own as a transport, but I just want to improve the clock circuitry and put some dampening around the transport area. Other than that, the rest of the PD-65 that I "MAY EVENTUALLY" obtain will be left intact), great picture (with both interlaced and progressive scan (my TV is an interlaced set, but I have seen the DV-37 used with a HDTV before, and I believe it was delivering a progressive signal to that set then)), great sound (I am using it as a CD Player right now, and I think it sounds as good as a dedicated CD Player costing between $500.00 and $1,000.00) progressive scan capability, versatile connections on the rear panel, and a great price on top of that. Couldn't ask for anything more.

I am thinking very hard about getting me a used Pioneer Elite PD-65 right now and pairing it up with one of the DACs that I have stated in the previous paragraph. I think that then (AND ONLY THEN), I 'MAY" have a "dedicated CD Playback" system that will top the DV-37 in regards to sound quality. But the DV-37 sounds very good in its own regard. So, while I may investigate the possibility of adding a PD-65/DAC system to my audio system eventually, I am not in a rush to do so right now. The DV-37 is doing nicely on its own. But now, if I should eventually add a "dedicated" CD Playback system to my audio system, then the DV-37 will go back to being a DVD Player again, which delivers one of the best pictures in the business.

Just another candidate to throw into the ring so to speak.

Ncarv- I also own a 9000es and agree it is a great unit for the money, but the onboard DAC(current-pulse I believe) sounds horrible on redbook CD's. It does give a good picture, but eyeman was looking for a good all in one player which the sony is a great unit but not for all in one. I used to have a rega plannet which using the analog outs on it yielded far superior results then the sony, and the DAC in my old pre/DAC processor(acurus actIII) sounded better then either and the DAC in my current digital pre/DAC(accuphase dc-300) will blow all of them out of the water. If you can use the 9000es as a tranport for everything except sacd I think it will do you well, other wise as it was said above, no player will really do what you are looking to have done(except possibly the new audio aero, which is going to be around 10k msrp). Another one of my friends also uses a 9000es and says the exact same thing, he doesn't even use it for music playback strictly for video and a little sacd.
For all the people stating individual CD transports are best for CD listening, has anyone listened to the McIntosh MLD-7020 (LD/CD) as a transport? It is apparently one of the best kept secrets in CD players. The transport is incredible, wonderful build. I own the MLD-7020 and the
RP-91 Panny DVD. The Panny sounds wonderful in 2 channel (McIntosh MX--132 and MC-352) and have not thought of really using the MLD-7020 until I read this post!

Anyone with experience with the MLD-7020 for CD?

Thanks for the support Tim. I think back a year ago and read what owners of the Sony SACD1 were saying about 2 ch playback-- Owners/ not somebody who heard one.That was a 5k player. You think a 1k player is better??--For 2 ch?? Well If you haven't heard a great player in your home/ maybe you think these under 1k do all players are great/ -- Well they are;-- just not great for 2ch.I also own a Pan.rb91k. Great PQ.--The audio isn't as good as my Pioneer 09. That would be cd or dvd sound.And I would NEVER play a cd in the Elite 09.
Porschecab, you seem to have some experience with using the Panny RP-91 for 2-channel listening. I would like some more critical feedback from you about how good this relatively inexpensive player is for this, especially if you have been able to do some comparisons.