Great product support from Burson Audio

Not a question, but wanted to share a really excellent customer experience.

Bought a set of Burson's Timekeeper amps. They can be used as bridged mono amps and I've really enjoyed them.

About six weeks ago, I started to notice a slight problem with one of the amps when used at moderately high volumes. I emailed Burson's support group in Australia. They responded quickly and suggested a trouble-shooting exercise and patiently explained the purpose behind the suggestion.

Long story short, the problem persisted and they proposed to send me a replacement free of charge and asked me to return the amp in question to their US-based rep. Even before I received the pre-paid shipping label, they dispatched the replacement unit from Australia.

This was a thoroughly hassle-free process and Burson completely stood behind their product. No paperwork or even proof of purchase was required.

I've no connection to the company or any retailer. I just wanted to share how well a company that makes superb equipment treats its users.
I have some Burson equipment. I think they have excellent and very understated products. They were responsive when asked about a modification I thought I would like them to make.
I also had a very positive experience with Burson several years ago when I was trying out their discrete op-amps. 1st class operation and people.

Not to pile on, but I recently had a great service experience with Anthony Gallo speakers as well.
Nice to read a post about a product from a company that's really trying to make things right.