Great Pre/Pro with USB DAC?

So the question I have is... how much would I have to spend to get ONE piece that will do it all? And by all I mean, process 2-channel lossless computer audio files via a killer USB DAC, play these files through a transparent smooth 2-channel preamp section, plus decode all that 5.1 stuff for movies and such when I need that?

I currently have a Peachtree Nova (which I use solely as my Preamp/DAC), plus an Integra DHC 9.9 pre/pro (for TV and movies only), an ARC 100.2 amp, and Dynudio Contour S3.4 speakers. Obviously I want the performance of an all-in-one to exceed the level I am getting now with the Nova + Integra combo.

What are your suggestions and corresponding price points? My budget for this is currently around $2500 used. SHould I just keep what I have until I can spend more? Or are there some pieces out there I can pick up within my budget that will knock me out? Thanks!
Check out Anthem’s Statement D2v Preamplifier-Processor with internal DAC (list $7,500)but you may be able to find a used unit around $4K. here's a link to a review from Doug Schneider at It does everything you want. I guess the issue is price.
I just checked Agon and no D2v's used available. A lot of D2s being sold in the $3K range from folks upgrading to the D2v. Good luck.
AFAIK, the Anthems lack a USB input but the same can be said for most prepros. My suggestion is to choose your prepro and add a high resolution USB-to-S/PDIF converter.

Agree with Kr4 - check out the M2Tech Hiface
Great suggestion - the D2 - but I don't think it has a built-in DAC like the D2v does. And the D2v is out of my budget. Otherwise, the D2 would be perfect, as I don't need 8 HDMI inputs, room correction, or the latest video processing power.

Also I checked out that M2Tech Hiface piece, and from what I can tell, it basically is a $150 USB dongle that cleans up and stabilizes the signal coming from my computer before it hits my DAC, to improve the sound. But I would still need a USB DAC in the path somewhere. Correct? I feel like I am missing something. Would this piece somehow eliminate my need for a USB DAC (which I am currently using my Nova for)?
1. There is no difference between the D2 and D2v with regard to USB inputs (neither have them) or other digital audio inputs (both have them).

2. The M2Tech converts(!) USB to S/PDIF and will work with either Anthem or, indeed, any prepro with digital coax inputs. I believe that includes all of them.

3. There are many alternatives to the the M2Tech, both less and more expensive. This one looks especially neat:

Thanks Kal. So now that I understand that, I guess then my question now has to do with the differences in audio quality between a) having my lossless files converted by a separate USB DAC and played through a preamp such as my current Nova application and b) using the M2Tech type of piece to convert the files to S/PDIF and then having a piece like the Anthem do the DAC and preamp functions.

Your thoughts? Or anyone else care to weigh in? Your comments have been very helpful thus far.
FWIW, my first solution to this dilemma was to purchase a piece made by M-Audio called the Transit USB ($75) which basically did the same thing as either of these two pieces - it converted USB to S/PDIF and I connected the S/PDIF cable to my Integra so that the DAC could happen there. But I wanted better preamp and DAC performance for my 2-channel listening, which is why I went the NOVA route.

I don't know how either of these last two products stacks up the to the Transit USB I already own. But if they are extremely similar in terms of jitter reduction and so forth, then maybe I would just use that piece instead of one of these two. If the result is going to be be noticeably better using a piece like the Anthem to do the DAC and Preamp functions than what I am currently getting, then it might make sense to sell my Nova and Integra and pick up a used Statement D2.
... and get an Audiohillia2 or an M2Tech Hiface
Fredorama...I have not heard your Peachtree Nova DAC/Pre nor your Integra pre/pro, nor the Anthem all-in-one Pre/pro/DAC, so I cannot advise you on what will sound better. I have one question though: do you listen to music more than watch movies? If yes, I would stay with your setup because my sense is you will get some degradation in sound whenever you run your music signal through a pre/pro given that it's a multi-purpose unit with video and audio circuitry combined. So in your current application, listening through the Peachtree's simpler signal path is likely to result in better sonics than running it through an all-in-one like the Anthem. Again this is a generic point having never heard the specific pieces in question. If your primarily concerned with video/home theater application than a one-box solution like the Anthem is probably a good way to go. Good luck.
I have never used any of these gadgets so I cannot make any specific recommendations. Just be aware that devices that do the same job may not always do them equally well. So, your experience with the M-Audio Transit may not be predictive of what the Audiophilea2 will do.

Thanks guys. I have decided to stay with separates for now.