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I am looking to purchase a pair of 604-8h drivers from Great Plains Audio, but, I have been unsuccessful in finding out what price they charge for this item.  The main website-- --does not list any prices, their phone has a recorded message that the person is out for a while, and various e-mail inquiries were unanswered.  There is another site-- that does list prices, but, I don't know if they are the same entity as that of the main website without the hyphens in the name.  The main website does not have a link to the hyphenated website.

Does anyone know if the two sites are related and that the prices on the hyphenated name website represent the price for this item.  I ask because the price is twice that mentioned in some reviews from a few years back.

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Thanks jond.  I cannot find a "Shop Now" link on their main site, but, it is good to get an assurance that the other site is theirs.  The bad news is that the other site lists more options than the main site, and an interesting option (the 604 with alnico magnets) is even more expensive than their other drivers.
Thanks again Jond.  I see it.  It is my fault--I automatically close those types of pop up inserts and I did not realize their was a link there.

 I am going to ask them about the difference between the alnico magnet vs. the regular (ferrite?) version of the 604 driver.  The $500 higher price for the alnico magnet is not a big deal to me, but, I would like some idea of how they differ sonically.  My main system has twin 12" drivers with alnico magnets, and my midrange compression driver (Western Electric 713b) has alnico magnets too (I believe), but I don't really know what that does to the sound.