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I am looking to purchase a pair of 604-8h drivers from Great Plains Audio, but, I have been unsuccessful in finding out what price they charge for this item.  The main website-- --does not list any prices, their phone has a recorded message that the person is out for a while, and various e-mail inquiries were unanswered.  There is another site-- that does list prices, but, I don't know if they are the same entity as that of the main website without the hyphens in the name.  The main website does not have a link to the hyphenated website.

Does anyone know if the two sites are related and that the prices on the hyphenated name website represent the price for this item.  I ask because the price is twice that mentioned in some reviews from a few years back.

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Larry as soon as I log onto the Great Plains site it says Shop Now and that link takes me to that shopify site. So yes it's legit and sorry about the price increases always a bummer.
Larry when I go to the site it says Buy Now at our online store, with a big Horn in the background covering the entire site. Sorry for the confusion saying Shop Now and you should see that when you open the site. Tried to take a screenshot but not sure how to paste it here.

Yes I've definitely heard alnico magnets are better and I've heard a few but never really done a comparison. So as you say tough to know what the actual difference may be. I am sure they will give you a straight answer. My old Alon Lotus Elite Sigs had an alnico midrange and certainly had nice midrange presence but no way to know what effect the alnico was having.