Great Plains Audio Fest

Just to let everyone know, there will be a show, "The Great Plains Audio Fest" held in Tulsa, OK April 29-May 1. See details here:

Hope to see some of you there!

Sounds great!

I plan on attending, and hope to display a new high-efficiency loudspeaker and a new single-ended triode amplifier, each from a new manufacturer. From what I understand Wayne Parham will be there with some of his Pi Speakers, and several other fascinating, non-mainstream companies will be represented as well. Just might be a very interesting little show!

Duke LeJeune
New Orleans
I'm planning to drive up from Houston. This will be a great opportunity to hear several products I have been wanting to hear for some time. I'm expecting a good turnout because Dallas and OK City are such an easy drive, and as Duke mentioned there will be so many high value non-mainstream products plus a few diy goodies to ogle.
Photos of some of the goodies that will be exhibited at the GPAF are now online at
FYI, a bunch of new photos have been added since Fred's post.

Here's the link again:

Is there any kind of schedule as to when rooms might be set up? I looked on the website, but didn't see anything on it. I'm coming up from Oklahoma City and would like to know whether to come on Friday and do the whole thing or wait until Saturday. Some nice looking equipment in the photos posted.

As far as I understand all three days the rooms will be open from 10am-6pm. At least that's what I'm planning for.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Correction--Apparently, many of the exhibitors are planning on coming in the morning of the 29th, so I wouldn't plan on everyone being ready until mid-afternoon on the 29th.

I would be there but this is in conflict with the Stereophile show in NYC. I wonder why they did not think of that?

Otherwise, I would gladly drive there and provide photo coverage for Audiogon.

I was wondering the same thing. It's the first year for the GPAF, so maybe an oversight. In any event, should be fun.

Would have been nice to have you take photos!


Thank you Lee, I'm just sorry I have to miss it.
Thanks for all who helped set this up. I will be attending.

Funny, I was in two audio stores this week in Tulsa and nothing was mentioned -- I would think they would support any high-end audio event in town. Although both had scant 2 channel knowledge or equipment even though they were the local dealers for many of the top high-end lines. They said these days all of their business is home installation with theatres, whole-house music and X-10 remote control technology. 2 channel stuff is special order.

Hope to see many of you there.