GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week

I was just informed that Coda's brand new model #16, which is based on the latest generation of improvements used in the #8, will be arriving later this week for review for The Stereo Times website.  Since the reviews I have done on the #8 amplifier and the 07x preamplifier, I have received numerous inquires when I'll get this piece in for review.

This beast of an amplifier, over hundred pounds with one of the largest power supplies in a single chassis design on the market, delivers 100 Class A before it crosses over into A/B. The Coda #8, is in my opinion, one of the best SS amps on the market for under ten grand.  I expect, based on the run Coda is on with their new generation of gear, that the #16 will be a beautiful musical performer.  We shall see! I still find it amazing based on build quality/performance that Coda's prices are so damn reasonable.  Yes, the #16 will retail for around 12K, not inexpensive.  However, I guarantee if this amplifier was manufactured by other high-end American or European companies it would be triple the price. If the #16 takes the already superlative performance of the #8 to another level, it will be truly a "killer" of an amplifier. 


At a recent show, Spatial was running a pair of X4's with a Linear Tube '40 integrated.  The sound was exceptional.

@twoleftears I actually heard that combo and later talked to Clayton who was there.  Actually, I did not like the sound of that combination.

I am debating the 8 vs the 16.  I am curious how my fellow audiophiles park an amp as big and heavy as the 16.  Just get a couple of young strong kids to lift it and set in a spot not to be disturbed?  Set it on a stand with wheels that lock?  I have to get it downstairs so once off the pallet a couple of us would slide the box down the stairs, I think.  I have a PassLabs X250.5 and that is the biggest heaviest amp that I have any experience with. 

Thanks in advance for any advice on this query.

Hi Jay,

I'm sort of in the same boat as you, I've been setting up a new room but it's upstairs instead of down. Carrying the stuff from my car to the house was becoming a pain-literally, because as luck would have it I kept pulling my back just before a new piece of gear arrived. I bought a little wooden dolly from Harbor Freight for like $20 bucks and it made life so much easier, now I just roll that baby right to my door step and then I try and grab a neighbor to help push the box up the stairs, this has worked out great so far.

I'm currently trying out the No 8 and though I only have about 48 hours total on it I have to say it is shockingly good.