GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week

I was just informed that Coda's brand new model #16, which is based on the latest generation of improvements used in the #8, will be arriving later this week for review for The Stereo Times website.  Since the reviews I have done on the #8 amplifier and the 07x preamplifier, I have received numerous inquires when I'll get this piece in for review.

This beast of an amplifier, over hundred pounds with one of the largest power supplies in a single chassis design on the market, delivers 100 Class A before it crosses over into A/B. The Coda #8, is in my opinion, one of the best SS amps on the market for under ten grand.  I expect, based on the run Coda is on with their new generation of gear, that the #16 will be a beautiful musical performer.  We shall see! I still find it amazing based on build quality/performance that Coda's prices are so damn reasonable.  Yes, the #16 will retail for around 12K, not inexpensive.  However, I guarantee if this amplifier was manufactured by other high-end American or European companies it would be triple the price. If the #16 takes the already superlative performance of the #8 to another level, it will be truly a "killer" of an amplifier. 



The short answer:

I sold the Schitt Freya+ which I tried for 3-months because I was curious. It was OK with my Benchmark AHB2. Otherwise, I it did not make me happy like the LA4 or 07x.

The long answer:

I learned to love the slightly noisier CODA 07x, however, I do prefer my Benchmark LA4 preamp more (it is noiseless and adds nothing). What I did is kept the CODA 07x in my office (the better system) and now use the LA4 in an all-Benchmark stack in the Livingroom with KEF LS50s. I am going to upgrade those LS50’s this year or next to the new KEF Blade2 (or the better fitting Reference 1).

In the office, I now have the CODA 07x connected to both the KRELL Duo 175XD and the CODA #8. I like the KRELL a little more for both my SR1a headphones and my Thiel CS3.7. The KRELL is a smoother and sounds more like the CODA #16 to me. It must be the Class A that both have amps in common over the CODA #8.

A new wrinkle to my setup occurred last weekend when I heard the new dedicated RAAL SR1 amp called the VM-1a. It is better than either the CODA #8 or the KRELL 175XD paired with the CODA 07x. I considered my setup as good as you can get with the SR1a, but I now realize there is a tiny bit of inefficiency when using a 2-channel amp with the SR1a. The VM-1a is a dedicated direct drive headphone amp ($6500) that only works with the SR1a.

During the last 3 days I had my CODA #8 for sale to fund the VM-1a and also because a second amp 2-cheannel amp in the office is now redundant. However, last night I pulled the ad because I already missed the CODA #8 and put it back into my office system. I will keep it even though it is not really needed.

When the KEF Blade2 arrive, I could consider trading the #8 for the #16. My dealer will give me 100% for that trade-in.



My apologies for the incorrect information. I've only owned the No.8 that has no switch(es). I looked of a picture of the back of a No 16 since that's where the switch(es) usually are (Manley Snapper for example). I never thought to look at the front of the No 16. Nice feature making it easy to access. Again, sorry about that.

I am in the market for a new amp for my reference system. I had LSA Voyager GAN 350 wpc class D amp in there for a good while. Lovely amp with crystalline extended highs and a beautiful midrange. However, to my ears, the midbass presence and meat on the bones still lags the best class AB and A designs. On the other end, the midrange and highs are surreal.

I am considering several amps. Pass Labs X260.8 monoblocks, Audio Van Alstine 225 wpc monoblocks, or Coda #8 or #16 amps. I am intrigued by teajays reviews of these amps and also by the favorable comparisons to Pass Labs amps. To my ears, Pass Labs is solid state done right.

My system consists of Spatial Audio X5 speakers, Townshend supertweeters, Jay’s Audio CD transport, Audio GD tube preamp with power regenerator, Zavfino Silver Dart ICs, Grover Huffman Pharoah speaker cables, and a Puritan 156 power conditioner. I have run for amps the LSA Voyager GAN and also Ampzilla 200 wpc modded monoblocks.

@jaymark We had the same modded Voyager amp. I sold mine sometime back because I decided to keep the CODA #8 over the Voyager. Not saying the CODA #8 was better than the Voyager. Just that I had another amp that I thought was similar to the modded Voyager, the Benchmark AHB2 monos.

The CODA #16 reminded me of both the AHB2 and modded Voyager on top end but it is also very meaty. I prefer the #16 to the #8. I think it is the Class A vs AB that sways my preference.

Yesterday, I sold my KRELL DUO 175XD which I thought sounded a lot like the CODA #16.


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