GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week

I was just informed that Coda's brand new model #16, which is based on the latest generation of improvements used in the #8, will be arriving later this week for review for The Stereo Times website.  Since the reviews I have done on the #8 amplifier and the 07x preamplifier, I have received numerous inquires when I'll get this piece in for review.

This beast of an amplifier, over hundred pounds with one of the largest power supplies in a single chassis design on the market, delivers 100 Class A before it crosses over into A/B. The Coda #8, is in my opinion, one of the best SS amps on the market for under ten grand.  I expect, based on the run Coda is on with their new generation of gear, that the #16 will be a beautiful musical performer.  We shall see! I still find it amazing based on build quality/performance that Coda's prices are so damn reasonable.  Yes, the #16 will retail for around 12K, not inexpensive.  However, I guarantee if this amplifier was manufactured by other high-end American or European companies it would be triple the price. If the #16 takes the already superlative performance of the #8 to another level, it will be truly a "killer" of an amplifier. 

@teajay Thanks for the feedback. You got me interested now.

It turns out there is a local CODA dealer for me. I think I will have a listen to the 07x preamp and the 16.0 amp before I put my money down on the Luxman amp + ? preamp. The Luxman dealer is also local so I can do a semi-useful head-to-head comparison.
Hey yyzsantabarbara,

You are welcome. Please share after you do some auditioning of these great preamps/amps. I still find it hard to believe two aspects about the Coda gear: 1) That based on build quality and performance how reasonably priced their products are. Compared to other very high-end US companies they are really "dirt cheap" when you look at the much higher price tags they charge. 2) This great American company is still somewhat a "stealth" builder of superlative equipment in the US. Highly acclaimed in Europe and Asia, but under the radar here at home.

I contacted Coda about some pictures, and hopefully, Doug will post/link here shortly some quality pictures. Remember, you can get the # 16 with or without meters. The one I have in-house, which is a sexy looking beast, is without meters.
@teajay I am looking to get 2 amps, because I want to be a little foolish in my next audio purchase. I am most likely getting the Luxman m900u. I was also going to get (for the 2nd time) the Benchmark AHB2 but I have always had the CODA #8 in the back of my mind as something to checkout. Mainly based on your review but I have also been reading the great feedback here about CODA for many years.

I spoke with the Los Angeles dealer for CODA and they have the 07x preamp and #8 but not the #16. I will have to rely on your review to flesh out the details on how the #8 and #16 compare.

BTW - the Luxman is actually a little larger than the #16. I was thinking the #16 was massive.
Hey yyzsantabarbara,

Without getting into a lot of details, I would be very surprised if you liked the Benchmark AHB2, which you owned before, better then the Coda # 8.  The AHB2 would not be on my list of favorite amplifiers I have seriously listened to.  The # 8 is so much more musical across the board then the Benchmark amplifier.  I'm also not a fan of their DACs and preamp.

As I stated in my review on the # 8 its a wonderful piece and  insanely priced.  You have to spend a lot more money to better it, like the # 16 which is about double the retail price.  The  # 16 physically is not a "giant" in it's size, but because of its massive power supply is very heavy and dense for its overall dimensions.
Hey yyzsantabarbara -

Not sure how you figured the size of CODA 16 or Luxman...but just to clarify:
The 16 is 17.5” wide x 19” deep x 7.75” tall with a weight of 110 lbs.

The M900u is 17.3” wide x 17.5” deep (excluding the button in the front and terminals in the back like the CODA) x 8.8” tall with a weight of 105.8 lbs.

Not that it really matters...but neither amp is small. :o)

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