Great new digital inteface

I have been an Audiophile way before getting into digital
technologies .I was surfing the web and came across a interface that can be hooked between a spidif on a receiver -controller or dac - RCA .This little box has one of the worlds best digital transformers from Switzerland
on a heavy Copper traced board with a few other sealed items, what it is supposed to do is correct any ground loops in the digital domain and correct any timing errors in the GHZ region and lower the noise floor,for under $200 I was very skeptical but it came with a money back guarantee so I took a shot .I have a $9k Theta Casablanca and the darn thing improved the signal quanitively across the board all my down loads as well as cds were cleaner,I even tried a lesser cal labs dac and that to was better
it is called the Modmax Digital clarifier,there is to much to explain but I thought I would give you guys a heads up on this little known but great new product us diy guys are just starting to try to understand digital chemistry.
Where can you get one?
Through my audio club I pitched in and bought a bunch
I am not making more than a cd per unit the key as a Audiophile is to let others know when something really does work look up my name and you can see it.
Audioman58, looks like you've been a member here long enough to know that using the discussion forums to promote items you have for sale is a no-no.
to Cruz123 I am part of a Audioclub and I am doing this mainly as a wake up to show others that little money can go a long way for not everything is snake oil,also the money I get for the few units I have maybe = to buying a cd .I have been a Audiophile long before digital working in the medical field Music is a blessing for stress management for enjoyment for us all. Have you tried one ? My Niece in College told me about these used with their computer based
dacs in this hobby we are allways learning something new.
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I have been in audio some 8 years now and in College I see a lot of new up coming things
I have heard this ModMax digital clarifier going to a Benchmark dac and I was very surprised
that the soundstage was bigger as well as the instruments taking on more clarity and weight
I found someone selling these in the digital cable end I ordered one ,I will update my results, my system I have a Belcanto2 dac and a Oppo digital dvd used as a transport.
I received the Clarifier on Monday and listened for 24 hours in and out of the system for sure it is quieter better low level detail and ever thing is more at ease less digital if you will IMO well worth the money.