Great musical CDP?

I am looking for a musical cdp that does classical and vocals exceptionally well. SACD is not important but is ok if it has that option. Budget $4,000 - $7,000, prefer used.
Try a Marantz SA-7S1 in you get the chance, or if SACD is really not an issue (which I find hard to believe), look for a used AMR CD-77 (hard to find).

Raysonics or Ayon are also very nice.

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Second AMR CD-77
Isabellina (Red Wine Audio)non-upsampling, non-oversampling DAC (it also features USB "in" which is excelent with Macbook as the source that rivals megabucks transports and CDPs. Read the latest review about Isabella pre/dac by Ebean Srajan in 6moons. Bluemoon award for "Analogue density and superb usb dac performance" ) at $2500 new with generouse return policy.
I own the Isabella preamp with Isabellina DAC build in and love it. If you can NOT afford AMR-CD 77, you have to try this DAC. No need for expensive transport either. I tried it with my Droplet CDP as transport as well as few cheap CDPs (Sony, Pioneer) and my old iMac computer.

Audphile1, have you heard the new CD5?

Thanks for all the replies.
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No, I haven't heard the CD5.
I have owned the CD3MkII for 2 years though, and loved it. I think it is one of the best CD players in that price range. Still is.
I listen to the same type of music as you do. Classical music was reproduced in full glory by CD3MkII. With the ARC players you need to run them balanced to get maximum performance.
Based on how good the CD3MkII was, I think we can make a safe assumption that the CD5 is a safe bet.
Not 5 but cd7 yes. Like it.
In my opinion, you don't need to spend anywhere near that much - get yourself a new or used Rega Saturn or Apollo. They are by far the best sounding CD players that I heard when I was auditioning several fairly recently, including the ones I heard in the price range you mentioned.
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I can recommend the Modwright Sony 9100ES with Platinum Signature Truth Mods. Very musical, great vocals, and if you're really into classical, you shouldn't dismiss its SACD capability IMHO.
Talk to Paul Weitzel about a modified Sony or Marantz CDP. You already know how musical the amps sound, the TRL modified players are no different.
Sound Quest SQ-12 "Woody" - Real Sleeper - Very analogue sounding.
hi tayofiji:

since there are so many turntable/arm/cartridge combinations, please tell me what you mean by "analog sound".

used audio aero capitol reference se
the term "musical" is misapplied as a descriptor of a component. an instrument is a producer of music. an audio component is a reproducer of the signal fed to it. hence, a reproducer is inaccurate to some degree. it does not produce music. hence, it is not musical.
Mr. Tennis, once again your contribution to another thread is invaluable.
Bobheinatz, I am the new owner of a preowned Cary SACD 306. It is a wonderful player, paired with an Audio Horizons pre amp, Halcro power amp and Newform Research speakers. I go through the componant inventory because a cdp exists in a "community" of devices. When I tell you that the Cary produces luscious music that literally pulls me into it and demands that I listen, what I am saying is that all of the componants are working in concert, if you will, to create that attraction. So I can tell you that the Cary is a perfect match for its electronic siblings, my ear and musical sensibilities. Sorry to be a bit esoteric or pedantic. But I am sure that some have bought componants that were heralded as the second coming only to be disappointed in the way they failed to fit into their particular system or expectations. In general, then, the Cary has a fine reputation, as do the others mentioned above. It went for $6k or so new and can be had for less than half that used. It has the SACD capability. Determining whether it will work for you, in your system, is the the joy of this journey. I wish you well. David
Extremely musical and will do SACD as well!
Extremely musical and will do SACD as well - Linn Akurate CD.
why do you guys persist in using a word improperly ?

it is misleading and confuses people.

an electronic component does not make music. a speaker does not make music, period.

a human being makes music. an inanimate object does not make music.
These are expressions people have been using for years and allow us to communicate and have fun.
Why not worry about more serious things in life like the economy?

Both definitions, one and two below, would seem to make the disputed application of "musical" acceptable.
#1 suggests it need not produce music. Being of or pertaining to is sufficient.
#2 However successfully it accomplishes the task, what comes out of my speakers resembles music to me.

Is anyone still confused? Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This
mu·si·cal /ˈmyuzɪkəl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[myoo-zi-kuhl] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or producing music: a musical instrument.
2. of the nature of or resembling music; melodious; harmonious.
3. fond of or skilled in music.
I guess someone on this thread needs to get a life.