Great Music to Download?

Other than HDTracks what are some other great sources of 96/24 FLAC and WAV files?
This topic has already been discussed at least four or five times in the past 18 months try using the research function. I have answered it myself on at least two occasions.

If no one responds I may re-post a previous answer.
Here is a list that I have compiled. I have tried many of them but not all. There are many more I am sure but these have been around awhile and have quality selections. Many are reference quality Masters.

These should get you started.

Good Luck!. . . . . ENJOY!

AIX Records has a lot of high res downloads of various live shows. Lots of high resolution available - including Hungry Lucy! and Calexico! Check it out!

Blue Coast Records

Bowers and Wilkins - Society of Sound

Cantaloupe Music

Chesky Records -- based in Sweden

Gimell Records (96k/24bit, 48k/24bit, 44.1k/16bit of the The Tallis Scholars)


High Res Music

High Definition Tape Transfers

High-res download test bench (free samples only)


Linn Records

NAIM Audio for those who like Nine Inch Nails


Reference Recordings

Rhino has hi-rez flac and wave as well as DSD