Great Music from an unexpected source.

I wandered into Virgin Music a while back and came accross a couple of CDs that are called 'Artist Choice' which claim to be choices of music from certain artists.

In this case, they were from The Roling Stones and Cherryl Crow. The quality of the recordings were excellant. The selection was outstanding. These are CDs that the artists chose as favorite/inspirational music. I enjoyed them so much that I checked out the web page and found

The shock came when I realized that this is a Starbuck(as in coffee shop) label.

Anyway, I got onto the web page and ordered two more of them. The first was from the Ray Charles collection, but for me, this was not much fun. I shall give it to my Mother as there is too much Big Band stuff on it and I am not interested.

The second one I got was Lucinds Williams's choices. Totally fantastic, late nite-glass-of-wine in hand terrific acoustic wonderful music.

Not too expensive and certainly worth checking out.
Thanks for the lead. Actually, a very clever idea to ask successful performers to select music they like well enough to recommend it to the public.
I've seen this next to the cash registers at Starbucks, but have never picked one up. Tim what's-his-name, who puts these compilations together for Starbucks, has always got good taste. He/Starbucks did a series a few years ago on blues. And he did a Christmas one quite a few years ago that included tunes from around the world, ones that you'd not otherwise hear. All very nicely done.