Great Mono Cartridges

Hi there good Audiogon folks,

Can you give me recommendations on some good mono cartridges?

Need more information, like what table and pre you are using.
Hi,I don't know what arm you have but the Ge's rpx/rpj's for the price and sound are hard to beat.But they are BIG huge cartridges.The Denon 102 depending on who you ask is a mono cartridge designed to play stereo lp's or a mono cartridge for both.It was used in radio stations 1960's.Is it a true mono cartridge for mono lps?The Grado's are stereo cartridges strapped to mono.The Ortofon's are great mono cartridges and hard to beat also.There is a lot of excellent vintage cartridges ESL/Ortofon the best,Ortofon's,ShureM5,Elac's,Pickering's,Fairchild's,Neat's,Decca's,GE's etc.I found this site it's "Otono-Edison" on google 2nd listing on page hit translate.They make a beautiful line of mono cartridges hand built.If you want to use an arm dedicated for mono the Audax/Audak is a nice 12" inexpensive arm 50-75 dollars on ebay.The Lenco L70 arm also works well with vintage cartridges and is not that expensive.Also the Rek O cut arms work well.The little GE-003 mono phono amp works great with the GE cartridges.I am going to try one of the Otono-Edison cartridges instead of the Denon 102.If I could afford it the Ortofon SPU's would be my number one choice.I hope this helps you out some.KEITH