Great Male Vocals--Walter Wolfman Washington

Checkout this guy's album My Future is My Past.  You'll be sure to know a few of these covers.  Sparse, traditional arrangements that show off his voice, the room, and his tasty, laid back jazzy blues guitar.  I'm going to see this guy live in New Orleans someday. 

The sonics are great, making me wish I could hear Jimmy Witherspoon, Lou Rawls, Sam Cooke, and others in this great level of sound quality.
Agree on WWW. Saw him nearly 20 years ago in Detroit (Moby Dick's?). I like his "Out of the Dark" and "Sada" albums best. "You Can Stay But That Noise Must Go" is my favorite track of all.
@jbhiller, +1 on this album, this is a good one. I cued it up for a buddy of mine and the look he shot me during the intro of the first track was absolutely about palpable, WWW is right there! Great quality all around.
@chilhed, I had the exact same reaction!  That brother can play and sing.  Recording quality memorializes his work well. 
Thanks jbhiller just picked it up at my local library at noon after reading this this am.....fantastic!   Only up to track 3 "Even now" w/Irma Thomas!!
Another good one... same genre, Bobby Rush, "Sitting On Top Of The Blues". Perhaps not quite the nuance and detail as the WWW record but it is close. The quality of the songs and sonic's are excellent. 
@chilehed, I’m digging Bobby Rush! Thank you!!! 
Sure thing, are you familiar with Doyle Bramhall ii? If not, check out the album "Rich Man". His roots are deep in the blues but this album really stretches the boundaries and brings in many other influences. There are so many beautiful sounds and textures that blend perfectly with his distinctive voice. He also has a newer release called "Shades" which is also very good but Rich Man has a few tracks that are absolutely stellar.
@chilehed Just pulled up ’Rich Man’ from my library. Haven’t listened to it in quite some time...thanks for the reminder!

Bobby Rush "Down In Louisiana" next.  : )
@david_ten,Yes, love DB ii, so glad he is limiting his projects as a side-man and focusing more on his solo career. Saw him at a local club a couple years back when he was out supporting Rich Man....great show and he seemed to be a genuinely nice and humble guy. Bobby Rush is recent discovery for me. Been a fan of blues music for years and heard him of course but just tracks here and there and for some reason he never stuck on my radar. Am amazed at the consistent quality of songs and the surprisingly good quality of the recordings. Down in Louisiana is another good one as is Porcupine Meat. There is a track on PM called "Night Time Gardener" which is what connected me to him a few months back. Can’t wait to get through the rest of his catalog....amazed he is still turning out this great material at 85....would love to see him live....perhaps a road trip is in order, his music makes me smile:)
@chilehed  I'll give 'Night Time Gardener' a listen. Thanks.

"Cotton Mouth Man" by James Cotton is currently 'spinning.'