Great Lost Lps...

Short list for lost lps:

Robert Palmer-(1974)Sneakin Sally through the Alley...with Little Feat as his backing band...this is a surprising, soulful, laid-back funk workout with great vocals...before Robert became a slick, polished, MTV cartoon...he was a respectable blue-eyed soul voice

Chicago Transit Authority-Great late 60s dbl psych lp with insane guitar work and grooves...

J.Geils-Monkey Island...often compared to Sticky Fingers...this is an old school R&B fest...
The Great Lost Kinks Album

Richard Thompson - Live (more or less) or guitar/vocal, toss up between the two.

Lou Reed - Take No Prisoners

Boz Scaggs (self titled, 1969)

Television - Marquee Moon
buckingham and Nicks
Agree with Crack the sky--animal notes
Climax blues band
Pousette-Dart band--County line album
Spirit-"The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus"
Chicago Transit Authority
Boz Scaggs (self titled, 1969)

All 3!, heavy rotation back in the day & still check them out on a the rare day.

And off the top, how about:
Rock 'n' Roll Animal - Reed, Wagner, & Hunter
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express
Opafire "Ricochet Sun"
Blues Image - Open
Spirit - Clear
Chase - Pure Music

(and a second to all the great suggestions by others above)
santana- 1st album
butterfield blues band-east/west
john mayall-turning point
coltrane- ole

thanks for reminding me of some great memories