Great jazz and Rock unknown GEMS Share yours

I'm going to share my favs for jazz and rock that are out of the spotlight, so to speak.

rock= William Topley,any album (Black river, is a good place to start)

Jazz= Kazumi Watanabe, Mobo albums, 1 and 2

Got some great hidden treasures? share them so we can enjoy! This make the wonderful HIFI setups we have built so worth it. Many blessings to you and yours!
Rock = Blodwyn pig "ahead rings out"
Gringo - Self Titled
Blue Rodeo - Lost Together
The New Duncan Imperials - Hanky Panky Parley Voo (youtube motel 666, good video !!!)
Bob Mould - Black Sheets of Rain
Sugar - Copper Blue (a Bob Mould band)
Swinging Steaks - Southside of the Sky
Tenderloin - Let it Leak
Jesse Dayton - Holdin Our Own (recent new release)

These are just a few.
wayne shorter w/milton nasciemento "native dancer" - beautiful, very underappreciated (and great 'makeout music'!)

art ensemble of chicago - all of their early recordings (people in sorrow, les stances a sophie, tutankhamen, fanfare for the warriors, a jackson in your house, phase one, the spiritual) - incredible collection of talent and creative energy, makes most other 'free jazz' sound like a mess. the music may have been born in a very political era, but it has aged just fine.

laurie anderson 'strange angels' - who'd have thought this 'performance artist' would crank out a beautiful, well-engineered album of beautifully sung songs? (and, for a great 'demo your system' CD, her 'life on a string' is a stunner)
Ditto the Blodwyn Pig! Great disc.

Some of my picks, all very different, but great.
October Project-Falling Farther In
Graham Parker- Mona Lisa's Sister
Jellyfish- Bellybutton
Stan Getz- Anniversary
Roxy Music- For Your Pleasure
Rebelution "Courage to Grow" an unknown gem.
Five Days in July - Blue Rodeo (actually any disc by BR - "the best band hardly anybody outside of Canada has ever heard").
Blodwyn Pig - reminded me of early Steve Miller.

I'll throw a few out:


'Espace Ornano' - Timbuk 3
'Walking in London' - Concrete Blonde
'Midnight Radio' - Big Head Todd and the Monsters


'Far Wes' - Wes Montgomery
'Summerwind' - Ray Brown With Monty Alexander
'Standards in Gray' - Kellye Gray
....more blues.. and they're new.. only two guys..mastered on pro-tools and a Macbook, sounds really liquid though..a drummer and a guitarist from Akron Ohio...

The Black Keys:

"Magic Potion"
"Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Hillsborough"
Rock: Either of Ray Davies recent solo albums. Working Man's Cafe is the more Kinkslike of the two.

Barrence Whitfield and the Savages.

Jazz: Lynne Arriale Trio - lyrical piano trio
Hayes Carll- Trouble in Mind, his most recent. Think Uncle Tupelo/Steve Earl-ish. Maybe. Kinda.

Manu Kache-Neighborhood. Gabriels sometime drummer jazz offering with Tomascz Stanko and Jan Garbarek.

Don't know if either is necessarily unknown, but certainly shouldn't be.
Jack Bruce

More Jack than G*D

WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock: Two Cow Garage, "Walls against Our Back"; Hayes Carll, "Little Rock"

Jazz: Bluiett, Jackson, El Zabar, "The Calling"

Other: Sera Cahoone, "Only as the Day Is Long."

Anything by dEUS (no, I don’t have the key locked, that’s the only way to write it), sadly very compressed masterings lately.
Rain, Tree, Crow, “Rain, Tree, Crow”
not unknown, but too easily forgotten: Colosseum: “Live!”

Juergen Friedrich, “Pollock”
Fresu, Galliano, Lundgren: “Mare Nostrum”
Roessler, Vogt, Vitous, “Between the Times”
and another forgotten one: Weather Report, “Sweetnighter”

Strange bedfellows from both worlds (not everyone’s cup of tea, fantastic “projects” for those who do like it):
Jack Bruce with hr-Bigband, “Live at 37th Deutsches Jazzfestival”
Hiram Bullock with WDR Bigband, “Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix”

Hadouk Trio, “Baldamore” (there’s a recent live thread on Hadouk with many links to music, check it out)

These are some I thought of instantly, I’ll just cut it short here without further pondering, there are of course so many more…
If you're into Gypsy Jazz (like Django Rheinhardt)...check out Alphonso Ponticelli from the Green Mill in notch... I like his first album best. I've seen his group "Swing Gitan" live and they are fantastic.